5 YouTubers That Made Adult Films

YouTube has many content creators who started out in adult films and made a name for themselves on the platform. With a bit of digging you’ll be able to find the films they starred in. Despite getting some backlash some of these YouTubers were able to move on relatively unscathed, while others find it a bit harder, since there’s a stigma around being a pornstar.

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Here are 5 YouTubers that made adult films.

1: Funtoyzcollector (Formerly DisneyCollector)

This channel is narrated and operated by Sandy Summers, a former adult star that did many x-rated films. In her YouTube vids she only shows her hands, unwrapping packages and playing with toys. As she describes each toy she’s showing you will notice she has a very distinct voice. Her soft yet recognizable voice was what a neighbor pin-pointed, and it was later confirmed that Funtoyzcollector is indeed Sandy Summers.

2: VitalyZDTV

VitalyZDTV was in an x-rated film with Diamond Kitty Produced by Bang Bros. The low budget style film featured Vitaly talking it up with Pornstar Diamond Kitty, then later was in the back of the infamous Bang Bus stroking and doing his best to bang Diamond Kitty. The popular YouTube star and prankster spoke about this time in his life a few times, showing a little bit of regret.

3: Jessy Rogers

Former adult star (sort of) had a popular YouTube and Twitch channel. The pornstar turn Videogamer/YouTuber did many scenes in her younger years, only to later quit adult films all together. She was featured in a video speaking out against some of the negative sides of the porn industry.

4: Mia Li

She started out as a webcam model and later went on to do adult films. The physically toned Asian beauty did many scenes for productions companies like Sweetheart Video, Bang.com, HardX and Filly Film Studios. She has a video on her YouTube channel called Life Before and After Porn where she talks about some of the stigma and challenges she faces as someone who was a porn actress. She did vlogs on YouTube quite regularly until about 2017.

5: Zuzka Light / Zuzanna Light

She performed under the name Susanna Spears and mainly did solo videos. This Czech beauty was best known for her incredibly toned and fit body. She was often shown down fitness solo videos as well, and her love for fitness helped her transition into a very successful YouTube, being the co-founder of the YouTube fitness channel BodyRockTV. She left BodyRockTV after she split with her ex-husband and then started her own now successful channel, ZuzkaLight.

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