5 Quick Safety Tips for Cam Girls and Nude Models

It’s exciting quite an exciting time when you first start out as a model of any sort. In this industry, especially as a cam girl building your brand, you generally love to push the boundaries, get a little risque, and even get naked. Your intentions are pure and you do your best to find reputable photographers and producers to work with. But, unfortunately, in all the excitement, let’s not forget to arm yourself with the knowledge and know-how to navigate the phonies that may want to work with you. As a model, your safety is paramount…everything else is secondary. There’s only one you, and you must take care of yourself.

Here’s a list of 5 things you can do to stay safe on and off the set.

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1: Do your research

Most photographers and producers you will work with will have a website or a series on online profiles that display their work and showcase their portfolio. A simple Google search can reveal quite a bit. IF nothing pops up about said photographer…that’s a red flag. Can’t find any videos of said producer…hmm…that seems fishy now doesn’t it. Before you go into anything check references and do your research before getting involved.

2: Buddy up

Get in the habit of taking a friend to the set with you, especially if you are working with the photographer or producer for the first time. This is something that some photographers may not always like, but good photographers will have no issue with you bringing a buddy along. As a professional, the photographer or producer will do their job and direct the session appropriately. If you find that they insist that you come to the set alone, then that looks like a red flag to me.

3: Let others now your whereabouts

As a new model, you may sometimes forget, but simply informing a friend of family member of your whereabouts as you work can be a life saver. You can also download various apps that can signal your location to select people on your list so they stay up to date as to your location.

4: It’s Okay to say no

There may come a time when you feel uncomfortable for whatever the reason. Just say no, and trust your gut feeling. If you’re directed to do things that you deem unsafe, or if you don’t like how you’re being spoken to, speak up. Let them know how you feel, and be clear. This may ruffle some feathers, but it’s better to have a feather fight than to compromise your safety.

5: Keep your information private

This may go without saying, but if you are on a shoot or even if you are at home on a live cam show, it’s wise to not share your private information. In this digital age, hacking and identity theft is all too common. Avoid using your full name, your physical address, places your frequent in a specific area, etc. You never know who may get the crazy idea of wanting you as theirs. Yes, this is real. Too many cam girls have stories about stalkers, running in to fans gone wrong, and photographers or producers that try to force themselves to meet up outside of the “work” space. Keep your private life and work life separate.

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