5 Tips for building a solid Brand image for your Modeling Career

If you are a model and would like to take things a little more seriously, most likely you would have had some thought about building a good brand image for yourself. Though some may gain some success in regards to followers and likes, considering your brand from a business perspective may mean the difference between being you being just insta-famous with no real money in the bank, or having a strong following with cash in the stash.

In this post we’ll take a look at a few things you can do to build a solid brand image for yourself as a model, with a lot of social equity.

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1: Know what you want

To start, you gotta know what the fuck you want out of modeling, especially if you’re an 18+ adult model. Most times models get caught up in the hype and glamour image that being a model brings and they sell themselves short, or minimize their value by accepting shit from “industry” folks. Define why you want to model (photos, videos, web cam) and what you want to get out of it. From here it will be easier to navigate your way.

What kind of image and persona do you want to portray, and what platforms do you want to use? All this is good to define for yourself. Kendra Sunderland did an incredible job at taking on the “Library Girl” persona to kick start here career.

And know your value. Though giving free content is extremely valuable as a model, you need to know when and how to draw the line to convert free viewers into payed viewers.

2: Experiment

Don’t be afraid to switch things up and explore new ideas and motifs. Celebrities do this all the time. You often hear it being called “re-inventing”, like, re-inventing yourself. Try new things, and push your boundaries. Your fans will truly help to let you know what they like. However, to be true to yourself, experiment with things that you find interesting and don’t be afraid of the negative feedback you may get. Nicki Minaj did the “Barbie” persona with loud makeup for a little while then switched up and went with a more muted natural makeup and dark hair. Eminem re-invented himself with a more mature look and ditched his oversized clothing, teen-ish bleach blonde hair, and even switched up his rap style to many fans dismay, but he didn’t give a fuck…he tried it any ways.

You too can benefit from experimenting. So go for it.

3: Connect with fans and industry people

Network network network. Connect with photographers, models, industry people, and your fans. You can do this in person or online. A good face to face with a video editor or photographer is always super valuable, because you get to check their vibes, and get a good sense of who they are in person. Are they a creep or not. Are their vibes one that you can mesh with or not.

Collaborate…Reach out to people you want to work with and even if they don’t respond, just the act of it does something magical for you. It puts you in a space of action, and by taking action you’re moving things forward.

When networking it’s always good to stay as professional as possible especially in the beginning, and as you get to know the person, you will get a sense of what you can give and what may not be appropriate.

A point that some overlook is to get out there, offer yourself as a model for public events like car shows, expos and conventions, clubs and lounges, sports events etc. This will help to show that you are active and will help to attract more industry eyes to you. And in the end, this converts to more money in the bank for your sweet ass.

4: Be selective with photographers

Photographers can be really tricky, especially when you want a particular look. Best thing to do is of course review the photographers portfolio to see it their style matches what you wish to do. A great photographer may not be the right photographer for you. You want a one that has your best interest in mind with each shoot, and helps to have your vision come to life.

Avoid photographers who are reluctant to share their portfolio or photographers who get personal feelings involved, unless of course you’re totally find with a shoot and fuck type of relationship.

5: Pump out and share content regularly

In today’s fast paced social sharing world, content is king. As a model, to keep momentum, and to keep yourself and brand image in people’s faces, the idea is to pump out content on a regular basis. You don;t need to have a schedule or a strict regime here, but you will want to post something several times a week, or daily, even multiple times a day if you can. Share share share, and tag tag tag, and comment the shit our of all your posts. Share photos, videos, and any press coverage yo might have.

The algorithms for apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter change frequently so you may want to stay up to date as best as you can to keep within the appropriate guidelines as you share on social media.

You may also want to consider setting up your own website. You will be able to share your sexiest content there without restriction. Using social media you can point people back to your website.

In Review

These are just some suggestions, and things is not always as easy, and it will take some time. So, be patient, stay true to yourself, and don’t sell out for a pie-in-the-sky opportunity.

Here are the 5 tips again. Cheers and stay sexy honey 🙂

  1. Know what you want
  2. Experiment
  3. Connect with fans and industry people
  4. Be selective with photographers
  5. Pump out and share content regularly

Bonus Tips:

  • Consider creating a logo
  • Edit your photos a certain way
  • Comment and reply to comments on your social media posts. This goes a very long way with your fans.
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