7 Ways to Survive and Thrive: How to maintain an Empowering Mindset in an Industry that can be Brutal

Being involved in the adult industry can be brutal, and at times even deadly. It’s no secret that many are dangerously on drugs and other substance abuse, while others suffer from self-esteem issues and mental health challenges. This post is to serve as a guide to maintaining and empowering mindset, one that will help you survive and thrive in the business and in life.

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Here are the 7 topics we will cover

  1. Build and maintain a powerful mindset
  2. Make your own rules and stick to it
  3. Embrace positivity
  4. Set up a routine
  5. Have an accountability partner
  6. Re-calibrate Your Perspective On Failure
  7. Seek professional coaching and mentorship

1: Build an Maintain a Powerful Mindset

This is the first and most important element in maintaining a powerful perspective in order to survive and thrive. Whether you are in the adult business or not, this is paramount. Developing a fucking powerful mindset will set you free from a lot of shit that people deal with, and it is the key to completely crushing all the other suggestions below.

So, how exactly do you maintain a powerful mindset. First, you must get really connected to what you truly want out of life. This could be anything from helping your fellow man to end bullying, or it could be pushing a cause to end environmental disasters, or it could be helping inner city kids. Fuck the fact that you are a part of the adult industry! Do not use that as an excuse not to do real shit. Get super connected to stuff that really matters to you and start there. This gives you purpose and a reason to live. And then find the next thing that’s important to you.

A simple quick trick to help guide you along the way is to create mission statement for yourself. This mission statement, once you’re really connected, will help to guide all your actions. It’s an extremely powerful tool you can develop for yourself.

2: Make your own rules and stick to it

It’s your life, make your own rules. Depending on your upbringing and religious affiliation, you already have some moral base in which you come from. Design rules for your life that will serve you and serve others. What I mean by this is if you know that your body is on display, consider creating rules about your health and fitness that allows you to serve your audience as much as it serves you. What are your clear boundaries that are non-negotiable. Once you stick to this people will start taking you seriously, because you are consistent with your word. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. Fuck if anyone likes it or not, you know what serves you best.

This is not to say you are a dick about it, but you are literally in charge of how your life goes, and if something shows up that disrupts things, as in something that goes against who you know yourself to be at your core, address it powerfully and don’t just let it slide. Your life, your rules.

3: Embrace Positivity

Positivity is key. However don’t be naive to think that you should ignore negativity. Positive and negatives are around us, but embracing a positive mental outlook is necessary for your overall well-being. The famous author, Napoleon Hill, wrote in his book Think and Grow Rich, that maintaining a positive mental attitude is a context in which all the millionaires he interviewed before writing the book, was the single most powerful principle they all used.

Now for you, the principle will work just the same. Practice thinking about more positive things even when things seem to be going to shit.

Make it a practice to show gratitude and love and push yourself daily to identify with at least 10 positive things in your life and around you. Do this every day. Our minds are so powerful that it can literally lead you to live or death before your body of old age or unexpected events, and positive mental outlook will help you stay alive and alert longer.

4: Set up a Routine

Many top performers live by a strict personal routine. This often includes going to bed and waking up at a certain time. For many, it’s going to the gym or exercising in some form on a regularly basis. For some it’s yoga or some kind of spiritual practice. Whatever it may be for you, find it and put it into your daily routine.

Doing this will help to build personal self discipline and boosts overall mental stability.

5: Have an Accountability Partner

Having an accountability partner is literally having someone to keep you in check. Someone to tell you when you’re royally fucking up, and also in the same, help to push you forward towards your goals. This could be an industry peer, family member, friend…anyone who you trust and where communication between you both are mutually respectful, open and real.

In a more practical sense, considering that many readers are in the adult industry, this tip is simply on a basic level of safety. If you are going somewhere and you know you’ll be gone for any time longer than an hour, simply text someone to let them know exactly where you are. This helps to save lives really. You also have the option of sharing your geo-location live with all you want to share with so in the case of an emergency your accountability partner or partners can deploy the necessary kind of help.

Yeah you might think you’re all tough and independent, but your life is more valuable than your ego, and having a good accountability partner helps you survive and thrive.

If you do not have an accountability partner you may want to find some time to acknowledge one or more, let them know your intentions, and you’re good to go.

6: Re-calibrate Your Perspective On Failure

As people, our perspective on failure is one that associates the act of failure to us as people. Instead look at failure as a shortfall in your performance, and not associate it with who you are as a person.

Many times we say I failed, or I’m a failure, and we attribute failure with who we are instead of saying that you did not meet your goal. Sure disappointment may set in, but looking at it this way allows you to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to make a thing work, and not put failure on who you are. You are NOT a failure, you simply had a failure in the outcome of what you intended. Simple.

7: Seek Professional Coaching or Mentorship

This is absolute the perfect wrap up of what you need to thrive and maintain an empowering mindset. Mentors, and professional coaching have these awesome people help guide you along the path to success in whatever area of your life is important to you. Seeking professional coaching, much like going to school or taking a course is literally to help fast track you to your goals.

It’s often thought that if you seek help professionally or even with interpersonal challenges like mental health, it’s seen as being weak or needy, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s probably one of the more powerful things you can do for yourself and those around you.

Find someone who is where you want to be in an area of your life that’s important to you hand sit under them for mentorshop or coaching. Developing a healthy relationship with your mentor or coach helps to allow for clear and real communication. One of trust, love, appreciation, and accountability. Heck, your coach or mentor may very well also be a good candidate for being your accountability partner.


Your life is more valuable than anything else. Take time to set up these structures in your life to help you be as whole as possible. You are beautiful, your are great, you are valuable, you are strong, you are brave. Live your life in this manner. Take these tips and put them in to action in your life and watch your life change. You deserve the best.

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Here are all 7 tips again.

  1. Build and maintain a powerful mindset
  2. Make your own rules and stick to it
  3. Embrace positivity
  4. Set up a routine
  5. Have an accountability partner
  6. Re-calibrate Your Perspective On Failure
  7. Seek professional coaching and mentorship
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