A Bit About Lindzylane

Lindzylane: Growing up I knew I was a sexual person I always wanted attention I loved anything that had people cheering for me I played basketball I did cheer leading I loved to show off even if I had to jump up and land on my knees as long as I got attention I did it I love to watch anything dominate action scary movies love to watch crime movies too.

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My first crush was when I was in 6th grade my first kiss was when I was in 8th grade. My sexual experience at first I really didn’t like it I started experiencing more and found out more what I liked I discovered I like girls a lil’ bit more then guys cuz I mean a girl knows what a girl wants I found myself more dominant to men I wanted them to do what I wanted girls I’m more submissive to them.

I got into making content and being a camgirl cuz I love sex I love everything about it. I love the attention I love how it makes me feel and of course I’m making money doing what I love when I’m offline I’m still a sexual person I play on my Snapchat premium or I draw sexual drawing or dancing sometimes I go out just to see how much attention I get; lol it’s funny sometimes how you see all these guys gawking at you but its my life.

Fun Facts

Turn ons: Inspiration desires and honestly

Turn offs: Rude people

Fav food: Home cooked meals

Fav music: Listen to it all but I love rock

Sexiest kinks: Love to be choked

Craziest place you’ve had sex: Cemetery on a tube stone

A person you’d love to make out with: Joanna Angel

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