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Stunningly gorgeous with curves for days, we are crushing hard on this month’s feature, one of the brightest stars in our CamSoda cyberspace, the bootyful and beautiful Danie Ink! This dark haired babe is certainly one to watch, over and over and over again! With her supermodel looks, perfect smile, and charming personality, adoring fans are following her every erotic move live on CamSoda! She’s a stunner in any language and when this self-described “kitten” starts getting in touch with her wild side, you won’t be able to get enough! This gorgeous girl was more than happy to share a closer look into her daily life (on and off screen), a few secrets and of course, her favorite ink! So scroll with us & get to know the divine and delightful miss Danie Ink!

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Passionate, independent and a trailblazer, Danie definitely lives up to her zodiac sign, Aries! The strong attributes of her sign: intelligence, confidence, determination and of course, sexiness, are all terms that apply to the lovely Danie. When she turns it on, the camera absolutely adores Danie and it’s no surprise as she’s breathtakingly beautiful with a magnetism that commands all eyes on her! But, as she told us, there is a duality to her nature. “When I’m on camera, I feel like Hannah Montana! When I’m off camera, I am an ordinary girl, quiet and reserved.” On both sides of Danie, she is truly an Aries in that she enjoys the company of all kinds of people, an aspect of camming she absolutely loves! This Colombian beauty works hard & plays hard, too!

“There are many things I enjoy about streaming, but what I like most is that when I’m online, there’s almost never a time to be sad or bored. There will always be a person somewhere in the world who makes you smile and pampers your day, making your day better or funnier than it was,” Danie told us. Camming for Danie has provided a way to optimize her life and schedule so that she has enough time for the things she wants to do. It has truly changed her life! “I don’t know if there is something more rewarding than having time. Time to do what you like, to rest, to travel, to study, and to be able to stream when I can and when I want to,” Danie told us.

Wonderfully inked, this voluptuous beauty isn’t exactly sure how many pieces adorn her body and she loves them all equally. “I don’t have a favorite, as they have all become pieces together. I greatly admire the sacred geometry of nature: flowers, hence my patterns, too.” She also appreciates the meaning behind her many floral designs as they mean “good fortune!” 

At first look, you may think that she is into a goth style, with her black hair and many tattoos, but Danie finds it curious as she is much more cheerful and upbeat. She let us in on a secret – her natural hair color is light brown, but she dyes it black for the only reason that she loves how it stands out. “Many say that my style is “dark,” but I consider myself more of a cute kitten and I love pastel colors,” she told us. She does have that Aries honesty, though, as those signs can’t hide what they are thinking or feeling. “If I like or dislike something, it shows in my eyes or with a blush. Sometimes, it’s a double edged sword.” 

When she’s not streaming live on CamSoda, Danie loves travel, in fact it’s one of her favorite hobbies! Taking trips allows her recharge and she feels full of vitality upon return. “I have many favorite places, but the place I frequent the most is Quindio. It’s a part of Colombia that is full of landscapes, coffee, rivers, activities and animals where I usually go to relax, take baths in natural springs and enjoy its natural beauty,” Danie told us. So it’s no surprise to learn that if she could have any superpower, this lovely adventurer would choose teleportation! “I’ve always dreamed of this power! To disappear or appear whenever I want to, feeling free to explore any corner of the world, no matter how risky it may be,” she told us.

So come spend some quality time with the beautiful Danie Ink – we guarantee you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her! With her positive personality, her hourglass curves and her enchanting sensuality, you’ll want to keep your date with her every day & every night! And you can, just by joining her room on CamSoda! 

To keep tabs on all things Danie, be sure to follow her on CamSoda – just type “DanieInk” in the search bar and be sure to tap the heart to get a heads up on when she’s online next! And for all the latest updates, follow her @Danieink66 and @CamSodaLive on Twitter!

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