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The sweltering summer sun has nothing on this month’s oh, so hot feature… the pleasure is all yours today as we have a long awaited, highly anticipated Q & A with one of CamSoda’s brightest stars, the stunningly sexy miss Jillian Mae! A natural knockout, the camera (and her many, many, many CamSoda fans) can’t get enough of this gorgeous and curvaceous international model and professional dancer. With her friendly, fun and warm personality, not to mention her very real love for fetishes of all kinds, Jillian is the ultimate exotic fantasy. Lucky for you, your fantasy comes true each time she’s live on CamSoda! So come scroll with us and learn more about your new obsession, the captivating and mesmerizing miss Jillian Mae…

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As a former model for Playboy, Maxim, FHM and Complex (to name just a few) and a professional dancer who’s performed in a variety of music videos as well international tours such as Hot Import Nights, this petite brunette angel is still down to earth with her feet on the ground! “I feel it is such a privilege to be able to make someone’s day brighter just from a simple chat, gesture or sharing an intimate moment. I genuinely love connecting with people, sharing what I know, and learning from anyone who decides to share with me,” she told us. With each of her careers and ventures she’s explored, Jillian has achieved success on her own terms. “Patience, consistency and positivity is so important. Being genuine and truly loving what you do,” is her advice to those starting out, not only in modeling, but in any career they choose to pursue.

“Camming just kind of fell into my lap, LOL,” when we asked her how she learned of the industry. After finding out more from friends, Jillian discovered camming checked off all the boxes in what she desired from life and was also the right mix for her. “Wanting to have more time, freedom, and sparking entrepreneurial endeavors. Camming also gives me the best of both worlds – I can be quite introverted – I love staying in, but I also love meeting and connecting with new people so it’s perfect for me and my personality!” The financial freedom that camming offers certainly is very nice, but developing lifelong friendships and genuine connections is what she truly enjoys most about her career in front of the camera. 

The stunning Jillian isn’t only dancing through life, she also has a strong passion for fitness, keeping fit and staying healthy are daily musts for this hot California girl. Her favorite way to break a sweat? “Weights! I’m currently training to be in my first competitive bodybuilding show (bikini division.” Always trying something new, we don’t doubt she’ll win first place, just like her other successful pursuits! Though she did tell us she hasn’t tried her hand at learning to ride a bike just yet, you never know with this curious cutie, you very well could see her riding in the Tour de France!  When she’s not powerlifting, you can find Jillian practicing her hole in one’s at the driving range or giving it her best shot at the shooting range. What can’t this beautiful and bootyful babe do?!

Besides camming almost every day on CamSoda, intense workouts at her favorite gym and snuggling with her chihuahua, Mister Beanz, she likes to switch up the rest of her daily activities.  An avid reader, most days she’s working on her to-read list, especially books on business, investing and self improvement like psychology – also educational materials to study for a new course or certification! Some days, she’ll cook up a meal at home (hint, hint, her secret talent is her incredible sense of smell) or satisfy her inner foodie and try out a new local spot. Self care is also a daily must, but it could be meditation, a trip to the chiropractor or a therapist, or pampering herself with a visit to the salon to get her hair done and then a relaxing mani pedi. And when she has some down time to dream, this adventurous woman is planning her itinerary for her next vacation – this beauty works hard and plays hard, too. As she puts it, “It’s the little things like having a healthy mindset to your daily habits that make you truly successful!”

Not only will you enjoy great conversation and belly laughs while getting to know even more about the wonderful Jillian in her room on CamSoda, wild and sexy shows are guaranteed (after spending tokens of appreciation, of course!). With tantalizing gaze and flirtatious ways, Jillian loves to tease and get her audience warmed up for one of her golden ticket shows. In particular, fetishes or special requests you’d like to experience or discover one on one in a private show are always welcome. Whether you’re a long time member or a first time visitor, she’d like everyone to know that her room is a “No Judgment Zone.” Jillian herself loves the freedom to express herself and she wants each and every member to feel the same. As she told us,“I love and welcome all fetishes – the best thing about it is you can’t have one. You will always discover something new that you never knew you had a fetish for!”

For the rest of 2022 and beyond, Jillian is looking forward to making others happy (it’s what makes her smile most!) and connecting with even more genuine people through her community on CamSoda. Building businesses, investing and also buying and selling real estate are her next goals she’s sure to accomplish. We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this one of a kind beauty. For now, she’s thankful to have a roof over head, food to eat, her health and a clear conscience! 

To keep up with Jillian Mae and all of her sexy adventures, be sure to follow her on CamSoda – just type “Miss Jillian Mae” in the search bar and if you haven’t already, be sure to tap the heart to get a heads up on when she’s online next! For all the latest, be sure to follow her on Twitter @jillian_mae_ and on Instagram @jillianmae.cam!

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