Alice_Geek Thrills in Fun, Sexy, Squirt-tastic Cam Show

Alice_Geek’s chat room was caught by accident as I was scrolling through a list of live cam girls. I typically have a set group of girls I watch on a regular basis, but Alice caught my eye when I saw a thumbnail of her pretty face and just knew I had to click to see who this beautiful woman was. I’m so glad I clicked because I was not disappointed.

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I caught her show with playing with her beautiful big torpedo tits. Alice looked so calm and peaceful as she performed for her viewers. She was so sensual in her movements and it would easily cause anyone to be turned on by every move she made. Alice is undeniably sexy and you won’t find too many cam girls with her unique qualities. From her looks to her body to how she moves and appears on camera. There’s just something so appealing about her.

As I watched her show on Chaturbate, she gave us all a look at her peach fuzzed pussy close up and her nice big boobs, right up in the camera. And, just my luck, I was able to catch her spreading her sweet pussy, and fingering, and stimulating her clit to a lovely squirt ending. She later on stepped back a bit from the camera to show off her near perfect body. I must say this babe has a really nice booty, and has, over all, one of the best bodies I’ve seen.

I love how her tits hang from her chest when she bends over, and then gently sits when she is standing or sitting. My eyes are glued, only shifting when she stands up to bring her pussy or ass in view. I also love her lips. They look incredibly kissable. Her smile is so sweet and innocent, yet so warming and naughty. She demonstrated that innocently naughty side many times throughout and that just made watching her that much more enticing.

Alice says that she does not use social media, so Chaturbate is really the only place you can find her. Her bio says if you see any other profiles of her online it’s probably fake. Which is kind of sad to hear because I’m sure she would have a legion of fans willing to do almost anything at her beckoning. She does have a snapchat though.

There’s nothing else to say but to make sure you take a peek at Alice_Geek’s cam shows on Chaturbate. This woman is incredibly enticing, and she will definitely turn you on. She is now set to one of my favorite cam girls to watch.

Alice_Geek on Chaturbate:

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