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Spring has officially sprung with this month’s sexy feature, the absolutely gorgeous and oh, so sweet miss Ahinoa-Floyd aka Mariana! With her seductive ways and perfect curves, Mariana is one of the most mesmerizing stars in our CamSoda cyberspace. This kind, compassionate and super hot cat mom is a total sweetheart so it’s no surprise that she’s got such a large & adoring fanbase keeping their CamSoda tab open just for her! If you haven’t yet met this petite brunette beauty, don’t worry, miss Mariana streams live almost every day on CamSoda so be sure to show her lots of love next time she’s live…but for now, come join us as we enter the beautiful world of the sublime miss Ahinoa!

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“I am a very happy, loving and peaceful woman,” miss Mariana told us. This twenty-two year old beauty has a heart of gold, as she enjoys helping others whenever she can. “I like to give others something of myself to make them better and also learn from them to grow as a person,” she told us. Connection and authenticity is important to Mariana, on camera and off, and it’s one of the reasons she loves camming, to meet wonderful people while being her genuine, sensual self. “My personality is always the same, I like to make myself known as I truly am and that everyone feels confident with me.”

A rare soul, Mariana is much more than a pretty face. She sincerely appreciates the wonderful things in life, like animals and new adventures in nature, to keep her grounded and always smiling. “I love beautiful landscapes and I love to travel – I would love to see the whole world! I consider myself a dreamer and I am always looking for new experiences that fill my life with happiness,” she told us. 

She loves all the places she’s visited as each new destination offers her a chance to discover the stories, the dreams and energy of thousands of people who’ve passed through – her words, not  ours! Of all the wondrous places she’s visited, her favorite places always have a beach and she hopes one day to make her dream of living there a reality. “My dream is a house facing the sea where I can sit and watch the sunset every day.” 

And speaking of things that make the lovely Ahinoa smile, well, break out your trusty book of jokes! Heaven is certainly missing an angel as this one loves to crack a great joke and all to make others smile, of course – “I enjoy making others smile, especially those who are sad.” And if you really want to take it to the next level and get miss Mariana laughing, well, then you’ll have to step up your flirt game and serve her your best compliments, too. Don’t forget those tokens of affection in her room on!

A day in the life of Mariana always begins with her waking up next to the loves of her life…her three kitties, “Pizza,” “Waffle,” and “Coca Cola,” which are also her three favorite foods! “They are my company every day and the ones who fill my life with happiness. I really think that our pets are the ones who love us the most and are unconditional, it is true love,” she told us. After she’s done getting ready for the day, she’ll walk or take a car to the studio since it’s close to her house. “I have a lot of fun while I broadcast, I give my best and try to create nice connections with my fans, whether it’s through chatting or games, I really enjoy my fans seeing me and smiling side by side.” When she turns the camera off, sometimes she’ll check out a shopping mall or meet up with friends for some ice cream. Other days, she’ll go straight home to cuddle with her cats in bed and catch up on her beauty sleep (even though she doesn’t need it!) – as she told us, “I really do love to sleep!”

Ahinoa certainly brings new meaning to sugar & spice, everything nice! Besides being a total sweetie herself, this wonderful woman loves her desserts: candy, chocolate, cake, you name it!
“Besides my cats and Coca-Cola, I can’t live without sweets, they sweeten my life and give me an energy boost when something makes me sad.” If you’re wondering which are her favorites, Mariana loves a dessert like 3 Milk or ‘mecato’ snacks like Milo chocolate candy or watermelon which is never missing from her fridge! In her spare time, she enjoys tapping into her artistic side, through enjoying a film, painting or using her hands to create beautiful crafts. No need to just daydream about this sensual and creative bombshell, you can make your fantasies come true with Ahinoa live in her room, but don’t forget your manners as kind people really turn her on!

“*What I enjoy the most about camming is that I can always, always be me,” Mariana told us. From decorating her room according to her mood to putting on a “body tour” show, she definitely enjoys exploring her sexuality through connecting with her adoring fans on CamSoda. Through a wild custom request, this daring and charming cutie even discovered one of her favorite ways to heighten an orgasm, quite literally! “One day a member asked me to jump rope while they controlled my Lush. It was really crazy and I felt very wild because my adrenaline was at 100%! Without a doubt, I would repeat it!” So next time you’re spending quality time with Ahinoa, be sure to share your fantasies & miss Ahinoa will surely exceed all of your (and her) expectations!

“I hope the rest of 2022 will be a year full of peace, where I can meet many good people, continue to learn things and travel to new, exciting places,” she told us. So come, be a part of Ahinoa’s world, share your goals and desires with this dark haired Colombian beauty when she’s streaming on CamSoda! To, just click the link, type in “Ahinoa-Floyd” in the search bar, and discover the sensual and erotic universe of Ahinoa! And to keep tabs on all things Ahinoa, be sure to follow her sexy Twitter @Ahinoaa8, her fun TikTok page @MarianaBotero56 and her unbelievably sexy Insta @ahinoaa_m!

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