Allie Awesome Hits the Ground Running in 1st Her Month on ManyVids

Bubbly, sexy blonde Allie Awesome opened her ManyVids store last month and hit the ground running with her hugely popular clips and customs.

Last month, Allie opened her ManyVids store and came in as the #2 Director for the entire month of December, and was very close to scoring the #1 spot. She was also in the Top 100 Earners capturing the 94th spot.

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And, Allie is heading into 2020 in a big way. With just a few days into the month, Allie is already kicking ass—she’s currently in the #1 spot on MV Girls and Directors January for her custom sales.


“I’m so excited to be part of the ManyVids community and to be making such as splash on their site. They have some of the best models, and I really admire Bella French and all that she’s done. I’m so happy that I’ve done so well on their site, and am off to a great start in 2020. I’m definitely going to keep up the momentum and have some exciting things I will be doing this year—so stay tuned!” says Allie Awesome.

Look for Allie’s upcoming video as part of their Monday Motivational series set to debut in the next week or so.

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