Allie Awesome is Featured in Forbes and Has Special Valentine’s Day Plans for Fans

Bubbly, sexy blonde Allie Awesome has your Valentine’s Day plans, and it’s not an expensive dinner at fancy restaurant—it’s you and her alone with her new Pornhub video. Plus, she’s featured in a Forbes piece about ManyVids.

In “Valentine’s Day Cumming with Cupid Starring Allie Awesome”,  Allie plays a cherub who was a laughing stock last Valentine’s Day. But, this year, she’s determined to make everyone fall in love and have the best Valentine’s Day ever. Allie has been working on her shot and sharpening her arrows, but she accidentally shoots herself and falls in love with herself. You’ve never seen Cupid quite like this before—wearing a pink wig, a hot red ensemble, and pleasuring herself. In the end, it’s a happy Valentine’s Day for Allie, and of course, everyone watching.

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“Valentine’s Day Cumming with Cupid Starring Allie Awesome” is available for free through the end of the week on Allie’s Pornhub page at It’s her free Valentine’s Day gift to her fans. Make sure to “like” the video and subscribe. The full-length video is also available on in her ManyVids store for less than $20 at

“It was so much fun to make this video, and I’m not even referring to the two orgasms! I love doing clips to make my fans happy and spread love. That’s why I’m offering ‘Valentine’s Day Cumming with Cupid Starring Allie Awesome’ for free now through this Valentine’s Day weekend. If you enjoy it, make sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel,” says Allie Awesome.

Allie was one of the ManyVids creators featured in a Forbes article that went live today. Written by Curtis Silver, “ManyVids’ MV Social Creates A Sex-Positive Social Porn Paradise For Creators” is all about the ManyVids Social platform and how it’s replaced Tumblr. ManyVids CEO Bella French was also quoted in the piece. Read it in it’s entirety at

Another place you will find Allie is spotlighted in the latest issue of CamLife Magazine. It’s available online and in print at Look for a full feature of Allie later this year.

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