Alt Erotic Wins 2021 AltPorn Award for Best Alt Membership Website

Alt Erotic ( took home the Best Alt Membership Website trophy at the 2021 AltPorn Awards this week, a glowing testament to the platform’s excellence in alternative content production & distribution over the past year.

Alt Erotic held a massively successful red carpet party Saturday night, which included high-profile appearances by brand ambassadors Evilyn Ink, Samantha Mack, River Dawn Ink, TigerLily Suicide and Misha Montana, as well as top performers Becca Prince, Tattu Mom and Sully Savage. Guests enjoyed special gift bags and posed in the creative photo booth.

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“We are thrilled beyond words to win the biggest award of the night, which means so much to us,” said Alt Erotic CEO/Creative Director Ivan, who noted that the night was particularly memorable “because I proposed to Misha Montana live on the red carpet with a secret tattoo by artist Joshua Gray – an alien rendition of the two of us, and a check box for her to tattoo indicating her answer.

“Misha was led to believe that she would be tattooing a cat figure on me to keep the proposal a surprise, and we did it! It was definitely one of the best nights of my life. All was streamed live by the Alt Awards and OnlyFans, as well as various Instagram live feeds from brand ambassador accounts.”

Montana, who was recently named Alt Erotic’s official Chief Brand Officer, also received a red-carpet tongue piercing by Bear of Fool’s Gold Tattoo Las Vegas. “I couldn’t believe that Ivan did that, I was so shocked and happy. It was an incredible night for me,” she said.

“I’m so incredibly honored and proud to be a part of such an incredible company! This win is just the beginning for Alt Erotic, and we are going to be bringing huge, new, insane projects,” said Montana. “When Sascha and Ivan asked me to be the Chief Brand Officer, I was so happy for the opportunity to bring some female energy to the already incredible team.”

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