Anakaliyah: Work that Booty Make that Money

Anakaliyah is More Than Meets the Eye!

This  Model is a total babe, who plays no  games when it comes to getting her money!

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So tell me, what first attracted you to CamGirl Vixen Magazine?
I thought it was kool since I been a web cam model for so long.

At what age was your first crush?
I always liked boys. My first crush was in kindergarten.

Wow, so when was your first kiss?
My first kiss was middle school.

Looking back at your childhood, what’s one thing you would tell you adolescent self?


Still, in high school, what did you want to pursue as a career at that time? 
[I wanted to be a] cosmetologist.

How were the boys with you in high school; we’re they at your mercy, or did they keep their distance?
Both I guess it depends on the type of boy.

What about college, what was that experience like for you and share one stand out moment you remember clearly?
[College / University] It’s not for everybody.

What led or inspired you to creating content online?
It’s an easy way to make money and you are on your own time.

I assume you enjoy creating content for your online audience; what is your favorite thing about it…creating the kind of content you do?
That I’m my own boss. That merchandise never runs out. That people will buy anything i do.

What else do you want to pursue in life, for fun or as a career?
I wish I could purse dance, I love it.

As you share your content, what’s the most common feedback you get from your audience?
LOL when am I going to use a guy a real guy LMAO.

What’s one talent most people don’t know you have?
I’m good at arts and crafts.

What’s one thing you must do before you take your last breath?
Take a cruse around the world.

Fun Facts

Your turn-ons: Independent, successful, abs, cute face.

Your turn-offs: Needy, fat , ugly , have a big ego.

Favorite food(s): Spaghetti

Favorite music / musical artist: Alternative rock

Favorite movie(s): A.I.

Favorite book(s): Go ask Alice

Favorite body feature(s): Hips

Favorite car(s): Aston martin DB11

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