Aria Carson Makes Her Girlsway Debut in Popular Seeing Red Series

All-natural teen Aria Carson has made her long-awaited Girlsway debut, and it marks the return of their Seeing Red series.

In “Seeing Red: Nerdy Slumber Party Makeover,” Aria and Maya Kendrick are having a slumber party and remembering the good times from past slumber parties. Maya confesses to not dating and being shy about her looks. So, Aria offers to give her a makeover in her parent’s beauty salon. Step One is Aria convincing Maya to get in some sexier PJs. Then she gets Maya to try new makeup and wear her hair differently. All this makes Maya more confident, so much so that she kisses Aria and admits she has a crush on her. After that Aria, confesses she has always had an attraction for Maya; the sparks fly and no one will be sleeping at this slumber party.

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Aria Carson on Babepedia:

“I’ve always wanted to work for Girlsway, and I love Maya. This scene was incredible to film, and I know my fans and Girlsway members will love it. If you enjoy the scene, please let Girlsway know by giving it a thumb-ups up so they will hire me again and again!” says Aria Carson.

Watch the trailer and members-only scene for “Seeing Red: Nerdy Slumber Party Makeover” at And check out over 35 pretty girl and hardcore shots from the scene at

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