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Kimora Quin Takes a Well Deserved Study Break at Adult Time
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Kimora Quin Takes a Well Deserved Study Break at Adult Time

Los Angeles – Tall beauty Kimora Quin returns to Adult Time for a new Girl/Girl scene for their Teen Sneaks website. “Unsupervised Fun” was released on Monday and pairs Kimora with Alexis Tae.

Kimora is studying with her best friend, Alexis Tae, at Alexis’ house. After an interruption from Alexis’ dad, the two decide to take a study break. But, Kimora and Alexis have a unique way to relax, and immediately start to kiss. Kimora enjoys oral pleasures from Alexis and happily returns the favor. This sexy lesbian scene will please Kimora’s loyal fans and new fans alike.

“I’m always so excited to shoot with Adult Time,” said Kimora. “This scene exceeded my expectations. I loved working with Alexis. We had explosive chemistry which added to this already amazing scene!”

Kimora is represented by East Coast Talent and is based in LA.

Follow Kimora on Twitter and Instagram. Fans can subscribe to her OnlyFans or find her on PornHub. A full list of Kimora’s links can be found at

PR for East Coast Talent is provided exclusively by XXX Star PR.  Follow us on Twitter, @XXXStarPR, and check out our website, For interviews or media inquiries, contact

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How To Go Viral On TikTok (Tips For Cam Girls)
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How To Go Viral On TikTok (Tips For Cam Girls)

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

Any online content creator’s dream is to go viral on their chosen network. Typically these means more fans and ultimately more earnings. So many people want to go viral on TikTok today, and why not, right? Well, why not is right, because unlike other social media platforms, anyone (with the right formula) can go viral on TikTok quickly. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pop singer from LA, a police officer from London, or a street vendor from Istanbul. Of course, if you are a cam girl, you are already a step closer to this, as you already have the proper equipment, knowledge and fanbase to really take off. All that’s left are a few golden nugget tips and some work.

Why Attempt To Go Viral On TikTok

Going viral on any social media platform is excellent, as you get massive exposure, get your name out there to more people and show off your skills. TikTok has become “the network” if you want to be seen, and more and more people join it daily. 

There is no single age group that TikTok is popular with. People of all ages have joined and use it as a media consumption platform to share a variety of content. I’m talking wider than you can imagine. Think simple funny cat videos to complex skills and even financial investment advice. My guess is as a model you’ve got some skills worth showing off. Now, let’s remember that TikTok is a safe for work platform, so you have to keep it clean.

Trending Sound Is Key

TikTok trends change daily, and we mean daily, as no one can predict what most users will find appealing. The current trend that TikTokers use is trending sounds; these are sound clips that people add to their videos as they perform a challenge or create a video about whatnot. But the trending sounds can also be used as the central theme you support with suitable video performance.

It’s really simple to find the current trending sounds on TikTok; tap the “add sound” button during the video creation process, and you will see a list of the available sounds. If you go further and click on the TikTok Viral button, you’ll be shown a list of the top 10 trending sounds on TikTok at any given moment. Please note that these change regularly, and to have a chance of going viral, you will need to stay on top of things and follow the trends.

How To Find The Best TikTok Trending Sound?

As we said above, TikTok has made it easy for its creators to find the trending sounds. However, the catch is to trim the sounds, using the same song but making it original and suitable for your video. 

TikTok will immediately start playing the sound you select for your video, but you can scroll and drag the sound to the point you want to use in your video. If you mess up, you can always retrace your steps and start again until you find the correct trending sound for your video.

How To Create The Best TikTok Video That Can Go Viral?

Now the other important part of your TikTok post is of course your content contribution. We have talked about this on several occasions, and it is possible to make money by posting content on TikTok

Now imagine that your post (or posts) go viral regularly and your fanbase increases accordingly – it’s the recipe for success and driving more viewers to your profile page on Camsoda. Plus, you can even earn a pretty penny from TikTok as you promote and grow your name.

For starters, you can begin by participating in the ongoing challenges TikTok creators constantly hold. Many current challenges use the same trending sound, and creators (you) can mix things up by doing your thing. 

Honestly, it might be the easiest way to boost your chances towards posts going viral. For example, you can use a popular trending sound and do a slow dance with dimmed lighting, emphasizing your body’s movements. This is only one content example that cam girls can use to create “TikTok” content. We have a lot more info and advice for camgirls to use on TikTok, which you should check out. 

Most of you will know how to do this. I hate to sound like a broken record, but you must pick a trending sound and music that fits your personality, thus creating unique and appealing content people enjoy watching, rewatching, and sharing with others. Only when your TikTok post is “on brand” can your content go viral.

Tips on Creating & Publishing Viral-Worthy Content On Tiktok

Okay, now for the real meat and potatoes of this post. You need advice on how to create content that goes viral. It’s typically the sum of smaller efforts that end up adding up. 

We’ve covered the current method above which you can use to create a post that might go viral. So, to further help you out, here is a list of tips that can help you create a TikTok post that can go viral:

Post at the right time – You must time your posts at the time when your audience is most active and scrolls through their video feed. This will ensure that more eyeballs see your content. It’s not a guarantee, but it definitely helps. Use good video hooks – You only have a few seconds to catch people’s attention on TikTok, so make it count with an irresistible video hook. This is a must do!Create short but on-point videos – People have really short attention spans so you have a better chance of earning more views by posting short, on-point videos. You’ll lose them pretty quickly if you’re not careful.Create rewatchable/sharable content – Your content should bring actual value to the viewer to go viral, so you should consider this when creating your posts.Use trends and challenges – Trends and challenges are a sure way to get your foot through the door to go viral. Focus on the now when it comes to creating content on TikTok. Keep up with trends that users are highly engaged with.Be consistent – The name of the game is consistency. This is key to any work you do, whether it’s with camming on Camsoda or posting content on TikTok. Keep a schedule, put in the work and never leave your fans hanging.Add proper CTAs – The CTA is you calling your fans to join you on Camsoda to see more of you (literally), or asking them to follow you for more appealing content, so never leave CTAs out. These are the hooks that grab them.Cross-promote your content – Use every available avenue to cross-promote your content and brand. I’m talking about other social media platforms and even tubes and Camsoda media uploads. Since short-format videos are now on all major social media networks, you can repurpose the same TikTok video and get more exposure. Don’t sleep on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, or any other platform if you want to really win here. Good news is all it takes is one time to skyrocket!

Conclusion: Going Viral On TikTok Is Possible – Put In The Work

Sure, going viral on any platform is difficult, but not impossible, especially on TikTok, the most dynamic of all major social media platforms today. Trends change quickly, and creative people can go viral if they are determined and genuinely dedicated. 

If you do it right, you can make some serious money on these social media platforms which ultimately lead to more earnings on If you have any questions on what to do or how to approach things, please reach out. We have a support team that helps models win online and our experience will lead you down a path to success.

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Madi Collins Stars in Fifth Element Parody from VR Conk

Madi Collins Stars in Fifth Element Parody from VR Conk

Los Angeles – In her debut for virtual reality porn site,, Madi Collins takes on the role of Leeloo for a brand new Fifth Element parody. Released on Friday, “The Fifth Element (A XXX Parody)”, the scene can be viewed on all VR platforms, including Oculus, PSVR, Gear VR, HTC Vive Pro, and Microsoft VR.

As Leeloo, Madi is very curious about everything around her, including questions about sex after seeing on your phone. She wants to be able to experience the pleasure she sees on your screen. Luckily for Madi, you are willing to give her a filthy lesson, using what she calls your ‘pleasure stick’. Madi quickly learns how to give you a blowjob and is sent into ecstasy when she rides you in several different positions.

“I want to thank VR Conk for such a fun time,” Madi commented. “Being able to play a role based on such a popular movie was so much fun, and being able to give my fans a wonderful VR experience was amazing!”


Madi is represented by ECT and is available for solo, B/G, G/G, creampies, and more. Producers and directors can contact to get the fiery redhead on their set.

Follow Madi on Twitter and her new Instagram. Madi’s OnlyFans is filled with exclusive content and is currently 50% off for a limited time. Fans can get a sneak peek of all the action on her free OnlyFans. Fans are also able to purchase a video from her ManyVids store. Madi’s wish list is filled with fun and practical gifts that she would love to receive.

PR for Madi Collins is provided exclusively by XXX STAR PR. Follow us on Twitter, @XXXStarPR, and check out our website, For interviews or media inquiries, contact

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Marica Hase Proves That Dreams Can Come True in Exclusive XCritic Interview | @marica_1029, @xcritic, @XCNewsWire,
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Marica Hase Proves That Dreams Can Come True in Exclusive XCritic Interview | @marica_1029, @xcritic, @XCNewsWire,

Japanese Penthouse Pet, adult star, Cancer ambassador, and YouTube sensation Marica Hase has done many interviews since she started in adult in 2009 in Japan,…

Anna Angel aka Museum0fCum – A CamSoda Exclusive

Anna Angel aka Museum0fCum – A CamSoda Exclusive

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

Heaven is certainly a place on earth…, that is. This month’s spotlight shines bright, a heavenly feature with the face of an angel but definitely hot as hell – the absolutely divine Anna Angel aka Museum0fCum! This beautiful and bootyful woman is truly a sight to behold and if your idea of paradise is like ours, filled with wild and sexy delights, such sensory pleasures await you in miss Anna’s queendom live on CamSoda. Perfect in every way, fans and newbies adore this stunningly sexy star – with one visit to her room, you’ll be wanting to come around again and again! But for now, join us in learning all about the lovely Anna aka Museum0fCum – her likes, her loves and of course, her not so innocent desires…

Kind, funny, and compassionate – Anna’s not just a pretty face, she’s a dream babe come true! Shy and reserved in public, she taps into her outgoing, playful side when she starts streaming. “I would definitely say I’m more bubbly, talkative and a social butterfly when I’m on camera,” she told us. But this sweetheart’s favorite aspect is being someone that people look forward to watching. As she told us, “It’s so sweet to know that I can make someone’s day like that and it makes me feel really good.”

Anna discovered camming a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it – although she did confess to us that, at first, she didn’t have much experience in front of a camera and didn’t know what she wanted to do. But as you can see, it didn’t take her very long to find out the secret to success – activities that made her feel just as good as her viewers! “Roleplaying in one on privates, orgasmic shows, JOI and SPH – SPH is my personal favorite on my tip menu,” she told us. Her room on CamSoda is a happy and chill place, but if you don’t always have tokens of appreciation on hand, this gorgeous goddess understands! 

“Tipping is always however if you’re unable to, offering good conversation is wonderful as well. Above all, my favorite thing to do is talk and form fruitful relationships with my followers.”

Besides being a full time model and content creator, this California girl is a serious student, but not for long. “I’ll be done with school after this semester – thank God!” A typical day in the life of this raven haired beauty is much like ours, starting and ending on the interwebs. Anna checks her messages, keeps up with her fans and every other day, she’ll head to the gym. A former competitive figure skater, Anna incorporates staying active in many aspects of her life. “I’m still able to skate very well as my muscle memory is still strong,” she told us. To further perfect her perfect shape, Anna alternates lower and upper body weight training workouts and starts each session with ten minutes on the stairmaster. Her secret beauty tip? The answer is pure hydration paired with a boost! “I drink lots of water and I take a prenatal vitamin for my hair – they’re pretty much multivitamins, but they really do help!” Once back home, she’ll stream on CamSoda and either read or doomscroll on Twitter and Instagram (this angel is just like us)! “I am definitely trying to read more before bed these days,” Anna says.

When she’s not taking notes, putting in time at the gym, turning it on live or putting together one of her oh, so hot photo sets for her FanSoda page, you can find the lovely Anna enjoying her free time with some her hobbies: Muay Thai, reading, painting and listening to music. 

A true audiophile, Anna listens to literally all different types of music – from amazing post-punk bands like Joy Division and Interpol to singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple and Ryan Adams to hip hop extraordinaires like Mos Def and Death Grips. In fact, music is one of the things Anna absolutely cannot do without. “My life has always revolved around music. I grew up with a musician and I can’t imagine not having something to listen to when I’m sad, mad or happy. I’ve leaned heavily on music, books and movies throughout my life, for knowledge and inspiration, so I can’t imagine not having those. They make me feel understood and less alone, which is I think the case for a lot, if not all people.” We couldn’t agree more!

And when she’s in the mood to be visually stimulated, this voluptuous vixen enjoys the darker side of TV with shows featuring drama, mystery and suspense. “Dark and Ozark (on Netflix) are my top favorites. I wish I could watch Dark all over again as it’s truly a mind-blowing show. If you’re interested in philosophy and time travel, it’s a must-watch. I love how fast paced Ozark is and seeing Marty, the main character, navigate his way out through so many obstacles.” She loves a great horror film and counts The Descent as one of her favorites for its tale of female revenge. But at the top of her cinematic collection would be the classic black comedy for the romantic at heart, Harold and Maude. “I actually have a Harold and Maude tattoo on my arm – it’s a very sweet and unconventional love story,” Anna told us.

Wonderfully inked, Anna adores adorning her curves and making her body even more of a work of art! Anna told us she has about 15 pieces so far, and she is absolutely looking forward to getting even more. Next time you’re chatting it up with Anna live on CamSoda, she may just share her idea for her next piece, if you come correct with manners and plenty of tokens of appreciation! In fact, arrogance and anyone who interrupts a lot are her biggest turn-offs. But a great sense of humor and those who are assertive with their feelings & desires gets her all hot & bothered (in the best way)! 

Quality time is the beautiful Anna’s love language and her ideal date includes deep conversation late into the night. Lucky for you, you can strike up a connection and converse with Anna each night she’s streaming in her room. Share your fantasies or your fetish with the lovely miss Museum0fCum, she has a few of her own – BDSM impact play, breeding and of course, edge play on and off camera with another thing she can’t possibly live without, her Hitachi wand! “I couldn’t live without that because what else is going to bring me nine orgasms in under an hour?!” 

For the rest of 2022 and beyond, Anna is excited to build more connections with her followers and develop new shows for her livestreams. So come pop in Anna’s room on CamSoda and spend some quality time with this one of a kind, curvaceous & gorgeous woman – we guarantee you’ll be in heaven! Make your dream date with Anna a reality, take the link to CamSoda, type “Museum0fCum” in the search bar and be sure to tap the heart to get a heads up on when she’s online next! For all the latest, follow her on Instagram @Museumofcxx and follow us @CamSodaLive on Twitter!

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Alexis Tae Guests on ‘Holly Randall Unfiltered’

Alexis Tae Guests on ‘Holly Randall Unfiltered’

Los Angeles – Starlet Alexis Tae recently sat down with Holly Randall for her podcast, “Holly Randall Unfiltered”.

Alexis and Holly discussed Alexis’s award-winning performance in a Mandalorian parody from VRCosplayX, where Alexis played Ahsoka Tano. An anal enthusiast, Alexis talks about her anal prep routine, how it takes two hours for her to be fully cleaned out, and knowing her limits.

On the topic of what she was like before joining the industry, Alexis talks about being a track and field athlete in high school. After camming, Alexis found a list of agents and emailed one of them, who signed Alexis. Her first scene was for Girls Gone Wild, and it was in this scene that Alexis learned how to use a sponge, earning her the nickname SpongeBob.

Alexis also talks about never being with a girl before porn, her excitement about all her G/G scenes this year, shooting in LA vs Florida, her favorite scene, working with Rocco Siffredi, her family’s reaction to her career, and her future.

Alexis’ episode can be found on Holly’s website, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Patreon, and other platforms.

“I am so grateful to Holly Randall for inviting me to her podcast,” Alexis commented. “This interview may have been one of my favorites and most detailed. You won’t want to miss this!”

Alexis is available for B/G, G/G, Anal, DP, and more via Spiegler Girls.

Follow Alexis on Twitter and Instagram. Fans enjoy previews of her content on OnlyFans by visiting her free page and then subscribing to her main account for $4.99 a month. For even more content, visit her accounts on Centerfold and Pornhub, or purchase a video from her ManyVids store. Gifts from Alexis’s wish list are always appreciated.

PR for Alexis Tae is exclusively provided through XXX Star PR. Follow us on Twitter, @XXXStarPR, and check out our website, For interviews or media inquiries, contact

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Lexi Luna Chats with Lisa Ann On the ‘Dudes Do Better’ Podcast

Lexi Luna Chats with Lisa Ann On the ‘Dudes Do Better’ Podcast

Las Vegas – The enchanting Lexi Luna recently appeared on industry veteran Lisa Ann’s podcast “Dudes Do Better”. Lexi’s interview starts about 10 minutes into the podcast.

Lexi talks about sending Lisa Ann a “Best Date Ever” story in which she prepared a picnic date with a guy she met on a dating app before her porn career. The date started with her suitor kissing her and when she discussed having another picnic, her date quickly agreed, even though he hated all the ants.

She also discussed her teaching career, her decision to pursue a career in the adult industry, and how getting her boobs enhanced over spring break helped increase her confidence. She also described her journey of taking selfies, posting on Fetlife, and going to Exxxotica as a civilian before joining adult.

No interview would be complete without Lexi talking about her very own sex doll, available at The doll is nearly the same size as Lexi but made slightly lighter for easy transportation. Other topics Lexi and Lisa Ann discussed were social media, shadow bans, taking a break, and more.

“Lisa Ann is an icon in the industry and it was an honor to be on her podcast, ‘Dudes Do Better’,” Lexi commented. “I had a wonderful time being on a podcast hosted by a fellow performer who can relate to my experiences in the industry. She is someone who has made a true career by doing it right all this time and it was great to connect with her.”

Don’t miss Lexi’s latest scene for Brazzers, titled “Bone Cracking Fornication”. Lexi visits Dr. Mick Blue, the viral chiropractor to porn stars. Lexi’s releasing massage leads to a hardcore tryst, with squirting and a facial.

Lexi Luna is represented by Nexxxt Level and is available for B/G, G/G, creampies, and more.

Follow Lexi on Twitter and Instagram. Lexi’s Loyal Fans boasts exclusive content and nearly daily updates for only $9.99 per month. To get the ultimate Lexi experience, her official sex doll will provide hours of fun. Fans can check Lexi out on Pornhub, watch a live show at, or text and chat with Lexi at, Lexi loves to be spoiled with gifts from her wish list at For a full list of links, please visit

PR for Lexi Luna is provided exclusively by XXX STAR PR. Follow us on Twitter, @XXXStarPR, and check out our website, For interviews or media inquiries, contact

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Lana Rhoades – WCW Woman Crush Wednesday
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Lana Rhoades – WCW Woman Crush Wednesday

Today’s XCritic Crush For Woman Crush Wednesday is none other than the buxom brunette pictured, Miss Lana Rhoades. We don’t care whether she is showing off her anal talents or her rack in her flicks but we see her on our review screens an awful lot! With her blue eyes contrasting with her dark hair, it’s a rarity in the adult film world and it’s hot.Anal Beauty Vol 10Anal Savages 3The Art of Anal Sex Vol 9Ass Masterpiece With LanaBeautiful Tits 3Hot Models