Avengers Infinity War Endgame: Fans and Content Creators United

Avengers Infinity War Endgame is something special that we can all part-time in. For fans and content creators alike, we can have some kind of discussion about the film on several levels. It captures an incredible amount humanity and the will to persevere. What better time than now to infuse that into what can be done as a content creator…and unite with your fans.

The Tentpole Effect

In a previous article we spoke about tentpoling, a method used to ride the waves of popular and trending events in culture. Right now is a precise time in pop culture where superheroes reign supreme. Almost like another golden age for the fictional titans that protect the earth from bad guys. Guys and gals take note. You can simply use tentpoling to drum up looks on your content, authentically.

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Catering to Your Fans

Fan engagement is so important as a content creator. With the bang that Avengers Infinity War Endgame is, now would be a good time to learn a thing or two about the prominent characters, like Thor, Black Panther, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and the rest. Use this as a way to engage your fans that are fans of The Avengers. Not saying you gotta be a wiz at this, but incorporate it into your conversation as you create content and interact with your delightful fans.

Photo: VR Cosplay X, Valentina Nappi, Avengers XXX Parody 04 as Black Widow

Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay

Cosplay is a popular and growing niche that is steeped in super hero types. Find outfits and costumes that represent your favorite character from Avengers Infinity War Endgame, and have some fun. If you’re a hardcore cosplayer, then you know you’ll be spending a pretty penny or spending some good time on your costume. But in the end you know it will all be worth it.

Send a Thoughtful Gift

Ok, we know content creators are fans too. And fans are fans of both content creators and Avengers Infinity War Endgame. A beautiful combo. As a fan, you may want to consider a thoughtful act of decorating your favorite content creator with gifts. For example, getting them an Avengers t-shirt. That’s spending $20 or less. A small gesture goes a long way, and it helps to create connection with the content creator you are gifting.

Please keep it professional and classy (talking to guys mostly). Ask the content creator what they like or if you already know, get their PO Box address and gift them.

On the flip side. As a content creator, hold a contest where you giveaway or have your fans buy themed photo seta or video clips. Get creative with this. C’mon!

Danielle DeNicola, Captain Marvel cosplay – Twitter: @danielleggwp

Plan a themed fan meet up or party online or in person

Again this is all about fan engagement. If it’s in person, content creators, please consider you safety and security options. If it’s online, you can have cam to cam sessions on your preferred webcam site or Skype conferences with your fans, talking, playing or getting sexy.

Make it fun for yourself.  Be respectful. You’re there to have a good time.

You might fall into the category of individuals who just don’t give a shit about this super hero stuff, which is fine. But those who are fans or care to engage fans of Avengers Infinity War Endgame, now is your golden opportunity to be proud of you inner nerd! 🤓

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