Belle Delphine is now Selling Her Pee in a Bottle!

Belle Delphine rose to social media and (somewhat) public stardom  after the naughty cosplay gamer put up her bath water for sale for thirsty fans. This caused quite a stir online generating controversy forever placing her on the map of internet infamy…and kind of in a good way. Since then there’s been a lot more eyeballs on the British babe with tonnes of articles (including this one), and a lot of new opportunities for her.

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She of course used her new fame to leverage her brand, and in the midst of it all, got on the bad side of the Instagram Police. According to Dexterto, “The 19-year-old was banned on Instagram July 19 for breaching their Community Guidelines. Posts on Reddit showed screengrabs of a user reporting Delphine’s Instagram account for containing nudity and pornographic content.” After the ban, she announced that if the issue doesn’t get fixed she’ll create a new Instagram for her fans. Prior to this ban, she had a following of over 4.5m followers on Instagram.

With a massive following, Belle Delphine decided to open up an online store. Not just your regular online store, as it features her infamous bath water in a bottle for $30. It gets even more interesting with because along with various posters of the gamer chick you can purchase on her site, you can also buy her chewing gum in a bottle for $49.99 and her pee…yes she’s selling her fucking piss called GamerGirl Pee for a low low price of $9,999. And we’re not kidding.

Here’s a look at some of the items in her online store at:


Belle Delphine poses and takes a selfie on shagged carpet in black lingerie and black fishnet stockings. She seen wearing one of signature wigs. This one being pink.


You can buy Belle Delphine’s chewing gum in a bottle for $49.99. One of the more interesting things you can buy from her online store.


Wearing white and blue thigh high socks, Belle Delphine is captured with her hands down her pink and white panties, with her blue and pink jacket off over her shoulders. The pink wig wearing cosplay gamer babe teases with her nipples taped over with black tape as she poses on her famous shagged carpet.


GamerGirl Pee is Belle Delphine’s premium product, sold in a bottle. Yes, apparently she is indeed selling her pee for her kinky fans to purchase. But at a price tag of $9,999, who knows if it actually sells.

It seems as if she has surely found a unique niche where she figures she can sell odd novelty waste for top dollar. No shade, she’s a hustler clearly, but this shit just makes for a great story.

Belle Delphine is still very active on social media, despite her Instagram ban, she has apparently returned to the platform. She also has an active Patreon, Twitter, and YouTube page.

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