Best Puffy Nipple Cam Girls – Top 5 to Watch Right Now

Puffy Nipples are so attractive to me. They ad an extra bit of character to the overall breasts that’s so sexy to see. If you watch cam shows, you don’t always get girls with great puffy nipples. The moment you notice puffy nipples on a cam girl while you watch them live, you almost can’t help but to watch her, with your eyes glued on her puffy nipple tits. Here is a list of the 5 best puffy nipple cam girls you can find on Chaturbate. Take your time to flip through all these pages. You won’t be disappointed. But let us know who is your favorite, and who would you add to the list?

5: sweetpulse_ (Rose )

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Rose, known best by her Chaurbate cam girl name, sweetpulse_, is the first of the best puffy nipple cam girls on our list. The pretty brown haired bae has a nice little ass, but it’s her nice puffy nipples that makes her overall figure so attractive. On a scale of 1-10, her boobs areolas are about 3 out of 10 when compared to others on the list. Some times they are more pronounced than at other times, but here they are what you will find of her puffy nipple tits on a typical show from her. What do you think?


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Sophialocke_ can always be seen showing off her nice, succulent puffy nippled tits. From time to time she will show her face occasionally but most often the camera is fixated on her puffy pink little boobs. And what a pleasure they are to behold. When viewed from a side profile, you can really get a good sense of her puffy titties. She’s super sensual when she gazes into the camera and draws you in to her essence. Her puffy nipples may be a 5 out of 10.

Ria (crystal_200)

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Ria (crystal_200) (aka Ria Loka) is one of my favorites. She has a great body, cute smile, and is one of the best puffy nipple cam girls right now on Chaturbate. Her boobs are near perfect in my eyes, with wonderfully symmetrical round puffy areolas that one would love to suck on with pleasure. I love her energy when she performs on camera. Another thing about crystal_200 is that she can squirt a fountain from her nice wet juicy pussy. Whenever she is online, you can’t miss her, because she has one of the best puffy nipple cam girls online right now. She puts on a very enjoyable show.


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The beautiful Alice_Geek is certainly one of the best puffy nipple cam girls of all, and comes in at the number 2 spot. She has luscious juicy perky puffy areola breasts are like cannons poking out of her chest. Her pebble sized nipples fit perfectly in her large beautiful areolas that protrude nicely to make her one of the best puffy nipple cam girls to watch. She has a great body, a cute face, a near perfect and juicy pussy. Like crystal_200, she is a big squirter as well. If you can ever catch Alice_Geek live on cam, she will have you in awe. Her tits are easily an 8.5 out o 10 when it comes to size and puffiness. She certain is one of the best puffy nipple cam girls indeed.


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VivianPerri is number one on this best puffy nipples cam girl list because of her very pronounced areolas that pop out of her breasts. You can’t miss them at all. Though her tits are relatively small and not as big as the ones of Alice_Geek, any one who likes puffy nipples hands down would be delighted with this bouncy naughty fun and sexy cam girl. The shoulder-length brown haired cam girl is rocking a sexy slim body, a tight small ass, and a meaty pussy between her legs. She is quickly becoming a top favorite and it’s clear to see why. She has lovely nymph qualities, a big bright smile, and lights up the screen when she’s on live. She is a clear 9 out of 10 when it comes to being the best puffy nipples cam girl on this list. What do you think. Who else would you add to the list?

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