Biahink, Suicide Babe: Real and authentic vibes is what you get with her!

What is it about her that makes Biahink so damn beautiful? The first question we asked ourselves when we came across this inked vvixen. We were intrigued, and to our surprise, she agreed to be our cover girl for issue number two. It’s Biahink, and we’re about to dive in to more about her.

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Biahink is a stunning tattooed beauty from Porto AlegreRS-Brazil. Often seen wearing her signature thick framed glasses, she rocks the style with ease. Behind the lens she wears, it’s as if her eyes glisten with sensuality, and a hint of innocence seems to peer it’s way through involuntarily as she looks at you with her full, dreamy, beautiful, deep eyes.

Biahink has gone on to shoot with many amazing photographers, and most recently she got a chance to be captured by the highly talented Rafael Beck, currently on Instagram as @2beck_. This woman takes her modeling seriously, and to solidify her commitment to her craft, she’s an official Suicide Girl and also a model recruiter for the same. She quite recently began to blog a little more often on her Suicide Girls profile page, and to announce this new activity she posted, “Hello, humans! Starting with blogs now! I confess that I’ve always been afraid to blog, I do not know why exactly … Maybe it’s my English beginner hahaha. But come on, I hope you like it. I’ll start with that.”

Though English is not her first language, Biahink is determined to not let that stop her from doing what she needs to do to achieve her goals. On another blog post on her Suicide Girls account, she answered the question as to what inspired her to become a Suicide Girl, and here’s her answer, “My admiration for art, I see beyond a naked body in my sets, I am free, when I saw the profile of a suicide girl, Jacqueline, I was completely enchanted. That’s when I met SG’s social networks. At first I just noticed, and this occurred for [many] months. But I [built up] courage and started my career here. I wanted to have that freedom, all that power. And here I am. Thank you to all who encourage me and support me!”

And when asked about her biggest accomplishment in life, she responded by saying, “I’m pretty sure it was getting my independence. I have lived only 10 years, I have my house, my things, I live the life I want! I do what you give me on the tile hahah! This really is priceless! I remember when I was a child, I dreamed of my house my way! I thank God and I am proud to have achieved everything I have today!”

We’re excited to have Biahink as our model and cover feature. She was gracious enough to take the time to share some more about herself with us. We hope you enjoy BiahInk, Suicide Babe. She’s amazing and well worth the wait and attention here.

Cover Feature Q&A

Where did you grow up?
Porto Alegre RS- Brazil

Tell us about what you loved and what you did not like where you grew up. I love the climate of my city, but violence is a downside. Do you have any brothers and sisters? If yo do, what was it like growing up with them?
A brother, by my father. He is younger than me.

Does your family know that you are an alternative model?
Yes, some do know that I am an alternative model.

How did you tell your family about your career choice and how did they respond?
I told them, and they listened and did not say anything at all. I do not depend on them so they can not comment on my life.

Tell us about when your first experiences as a model…what was it like for you?
I was always shy, it was a bit difficult. Never had used a ​​vibrator before that either [laughs].

What was your first kiss that was so terrible [laughs]?
It was almost a bite instead of a kiss [laughs]. We were children not knowing what to do.

Have you ever had or would like to do some plastic surgery? If so, what did you do?
No, I don’t have any plastic surgery. I do not feel like I need to do it.

We noticed that you wear glasses. Do you prefer to wear glasses or contact lenses?
I definitely prefer glasses.

You mentioned to us that you wanted to be a tri-lingual executive secretary. What 3 are the languages you wanted to speak?
I wanted to be fluent in English, French and Italian.You seem very focused. Where do you want to be in your career in 5 years?
Living well, without necessities, maybe even in another country.

As a model, what keeps you motivated to continue working?
Being able to change people’s lives in some way.

There are so many great alternative models out there. Are you afraid of competition?
Not even a little. Each person is unique. So no, I’m not afraid of competition.

When sharing your content, what is the most common feedback you receive from your audience?
Always positive. They like my authenticity.

What do you think is your biggest accomplishment as a model so far?
I would have to say, being independent. I don’t have to depend on anyone to support my lifestyle.

If you were not an alternative model, what else do you think you would be doing?
Working directly with people in some way.

What is your biggest thing you learned about your self sexually speaking?
I learned to know myself and I also learned to be satisfied.

What is your biggest sexual asset?
I do not pretend, I’m very authentic.

Do you have a favorite sexual position…what is it?
Standing up ahahah.

Do you use sex toys? If you do, what are some of your favorites?
I have one called Hitachi. That’s one of my favorites.

Do you prefer to be alone or with people?
Because I have my moments alone and I have moments that I like to be accompanied. Depends on my mood.

What tattoos do you have that mean more to you?
That’s an easy one. My tattoo of Ganesha on my back.

What excites you most about life?
Not being in control of herself. Not knowing what might happen tomorrow.

What’s one talent most people don’t know you have?
I get to lick my feet hahah.

What would you like more people to know about you?
I do everything in my power to please the other, I am a heartfelt and sensitive person. I have feelings and I know other people do as well. For me it’s all about respect.

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