Brandi Love Fights Back Against Cancel Culture

Brandi Love is no stranger to controversy. As an outspoken Conservative, she’s used to catching flack from those who disagree with her. If anything, sparring with trolls on social media has made her tougher. But when she found herself embroiled this weekend in a scandal for doing nothing more than showing up, even she couldn’t believe it!

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The incident occurred when the award-winning adult superstar and columnist for the Federalist attended the Talking Points USA Student Action Summit with a purchased VIP pass, sharing images and her excitement on social media to her millions of fans. The next day she was informed by TPUSA that her SAS 2021 invitation was revoked. In a statement to Newsweek, TPUSA explained the ban by saying they do not allow adult entertainers, influencers, or brands to participate in events designed for minors. Brandi wasted no time denouncing their egregious actions.

TPUSA literally opened the show talking about how we need to fight back against big tech censorship, cancel culture, the deterioration of our 1st Amendment, etcetera,” Brandi Love told David Hookstead at the Daily Caller. “And then they expelled me. It’s hard to make that up. It’s a worst-case example of cancel culture. How can conservatives expect to grow as a movement when they don’t seem to respect professions?”

Multiple news outlets from Salon to Newsweek to the Daily Caller and others like the DC Patriot have already covered the unfolding drama, with more discussion to come. Brandi has been on the Chrissie Mayr show with Eva Lovia, and Scott Sands Podcast on I Heart Radio. Greg Gutfeld also discussed it, as did the Chicks on the Right podcast, who are set to have Brandi on the show next Wednesday.

Brandi has also received another award nomination, this time for Best MILF Performer from the NightMoves Awards Show, scheduled to take place Sunday, October 10 at Thee Manor Gentlemen’s Club in Clearwater, Florida.

Thanks, Nightmoves,” says Brandi. “I’m honored!”

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