Brandi Nyx: Bounded to the Fet Life

With an Italian Mastiff, Husky, and a Boa Constrictor all in her posession, Brandi Nyx admits she loves animals. The 5ft. 2in. babe is an active member of the fetish and lifestyle community.

She’s part of an active online community on Fetlife, with a growing fanbase of viewers on her Chaturbate profile. More than this, Brandi Nyx is all about human rights and environmentalism and tries to use her art as a platform to spread awareness and female empowerment.

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Surely more than meets the eye, Brandi Nyx shared with us a bit about her life, and you don’t want to skip any lines. It’s worth the entire read.

Hello, glad you took the time to speak with us. So tell me, what first attracted you to CamGirl Vixen Magazine?
The gorgeous models, won’t even lie about that.

Tell us a little about yourself growing up; and What were your favorite TV shows, hobbies?
My favorite book series was the Chronicles of Gor.

At what age was your first crush?
Like…2? I was already making out with the boys in daycare.

Wow, so when was your first kiss?
That would be when I was 2 my mother walked in on me macking up on a boy…his name was Adam haha.

Looking back at your childhood, what’s one thing you would tell you adolescent self?
“Do whatever the hell you want”.

Through high school, what were you best known for?
Having big boobs.

Still, in high school, what did you want to pursue as a career at that time?
I think I wanted to be like a motivational speaker or something.

How were the boys with you in high school; we’re they at your mercy, or did they keep their distance?
I was usually dating guys in their’ 20s. Whatever boys my age I’d suck their dicks or make out with them under the stairwells. If I got mad at a guy I’d suck his best friends dick. I was savage.

What about college, what was that experience like for you and share one stand out moment you remember clearly?
All the soca fetes. All of them. I learned to dance in college.

Tell us about your first sexual experience, and what did you discover about yourself?
When I was 14 I was playing with twin girls and they were not straight, eventually I figured out I was bisexual. We would play spin the bottle and have sleepovers. I ended up dating both of them in high school.

What led or inspired you to creating content online?
I was dating a guy and he wanted to force me to pick between him and another partner I had. I refused to and he threatened to post our intimate pictures online. So I did it bigger, badder, and better so no man will ever be able to say that to me again.

I assume you enjoy creating content for your online audience; what is your favorite thing about it…creating the kind of content you do?
I love it! I love the support and overwhelming appreciation for the art! It’s not a job, its a labour of love.

What else do you want to pursue in life, for fun or as a career?
Goodness I want it all, I want to change the world and put females supporting females on the map. I want to put polyamory on the map. Poly right, poly marriages. All the things!

Of all the things you’ve done in your life, what are you most excited about, or most proud of?
Starting my own business at the age of 24.

As you share your content, what’s the most common feedback you get from your audience?
That I look very good and flexibility makes me more fun to work with haha.

What’s one talent most people don’t know you have?
I can curl my tongue to look like a vagina.

People will always draw conclusions without ever truly knowing you, so what are some positive things about you wish
more people knew?
I’m way more sensitive and caring than people think I am haha.

What’s one thing you must do before you take your last breath?
Leave this world a better place than when I came into it.

Fun Facts

Your turn-ons: Intelligence, abs, soft sibilant sounds, ropes, anything that has to do with restraint and control really. Gorean lifestyle like role play is also a huge lover of mine

Your turn-offs: Misandry, misogyny, bad hygiene is a huge one for me.

Favorite food(s): Does cheese count as a meal? It does. I’ve decided.

Favorite music / musical artist: Oh goodness, Cardi B, Who KR, Sam Sparro. I love celtic folk music as well, EDM, you name it. I love music I’m a total audiophile

Favorite movie(s): The Secretary

Favorite book(s): Easy. The Chronicles of Gor

Favorite body feature(s): Abs and arms on a man, breasts and eyes and on a woman.

Wildest fantasy: To get kidnapped and “raped” in a place far away where nobody can hear my screams. Just hours of being forced to handle lickings and fuckings all the night long till I break

Dumbest shit you’ve ever done: I once got arrested for flashing a vanilla couples the middle finger and my breasts. Oh I’m just a menace to society

Craziest place(s) you’ve ever had sex: I think my scale on this is really messed up so let me try…park, car, club, boat…are these not wild enough? Okay dungeon, slave compound…

Favorite color(s): PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite car(s): Skyline (the one from 1990 because it’s the first one to ever have a laptop to control the turbos which makes it history) and whatever Grand Tour says is cool. I love those three they are hilarious

Your sexiest kink(s): Rope play in my opinion.

Favorite adult or fashion model(s): I couldn’t even begin to count everybody. Special mention to Isabella Peach she’s so sweet and gorgeous and has the most wonderful golden heart

Who do you secretly want to make out with?: Cardi B. but that’s not really a secret. I am in love with that woman

Last Word

Thank you so much for taking this time to share more about yourself. Any last words?
Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me! I am so thrilled to be apart of your wonderful magazine and cannot wait to see more gorgeous women like myself all over the pages!

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