Brielle Day & Emily Bloom Report Record Success with Model Madness & 3rd Round Kicks Off

Top webcam model in the industry and your virtual best friend, Brielle Day, and cohost Emily Bloom started Model Madness on March 1st with 64 models competing in one-hour tip wars. The fun and exciting competition, including models of all experience and rankings, has been a huge success. Many models ended up having their highest-earning days ever and received their highest single tips ever. Plus, they had fun networking, making new industry contacts, and learning how to market and monetize themselves and their live shows.

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Models moving to the second round of the competition will receive prize packages courtesy of MyFreeCams (MFC). With a trophy and lots of tips at stake, the second half of the competition is set to be even crazier. MFC members have been extremely supportive in tipping their favorite models and helping them advance. They’ve also enjoyed watching the losing models
participate in silly punishments, like a pie to the face, wearing silly costumes, and much more.

Another thing that has made the competition run more smoothly was working directly with Charlesbot developer, TheProgrammer. He created MFC’s only bot that helps count tokens, tracks tip wars, runs countdowns and timers, post ads in the chatroom, and more. For this competition, he created an update to the bot giving tip wars a built-in timer function. Models can now focus on the competition because they can auto-set a time to end each tip war and not have to end it and keep track of time manually.

“I’m extremely pleased with the success of Model Madness, and we’re only halfway through the competition. Everything we set out to do is happening—the models are networking and making new friends, having extremely successful shows, and they’re learning how to monetize and market themselves more effectively. Emily has been a huge help assisting me and making the event a huge success,” says Brielle Day.

Find more details about Model Madness, including participating models, schedules, info brackets, and links to the girls’ bios on Brielle’s blog on MFC at

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