Brittany Andrews & Sean Michaels Reunite for Beauty in the Contrast

Adult industry veterans Brittany Andrews and Sean Michaels have teamed up to shoot “Beauty in Contrast.” Shot by YummyGirl, “Beauty in Contrast” is a hot anal scene and an in-depth interview on racism in the adult industry. It will be released today on Miss Andrew’s OnlyFans for the sex scene and her YouTube Channel will have the exclusive in-depth interview.

“It’s been over 23 years since Brittany Andrews and I have shot together, and we were long overdue!” Sean Michaels said. “We decided to take this opportunity, as well, to do a historical piece on the last 25 years of racism in porn. We hope that it will be used as a poignant placeholder in time to reflect on the history of racism in porn. There are not too many performers who are currently still filming that have had this kind of lifespan in the industry to have this kind of conversation. We go over the Cambria List of the 90s and get in-depth about where racism in porn originally stems from.”

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Brittany Andrews agreed, “I’ve missed Sean! I feel so fortunate that we finally get to work together again! He’s such a talented performer and wonderful industry colleague—and, of course, we both have plenty to say about how the adult world changed since we last worked together over 20 years ago.”

Andrews continues, “With the rise of the BLM movement during the pandemic, we thought that right now would be a critical time to have this kind of authentic and organic conversation. As a white female, I have not always done everything perfectly. However, I’ve always been a humble student and supporter, trying to be as open-minded as possible to being educated. As veterans within this industry, it’s important for us to be able to have these kinds of authentic conversations, especially in an industry where it is typically the white female that has dominated it. So, to have a conversation between a black man and a white woman that have both been in the industry for 30 years, it was a very powerful and transcendent conversation.”

Michaels goes on to explain, “As you will see in the interview, both Brittany and I throughout our careers have really tried to help change the face of an industry that was truly in need of change, especially racially regarding Black performers for myself, as well as the empowerment of female performers, directors, producers, owners and so forth.”

“I’d like to think that you can look around today and see some of our positive influence and creativity when it comes to how Interracial/BBC porn is produced, plus the diversified career paths of women in adult. Especially in today’s more challenging moments that involve misguided internet mobs using cancel culture to attack performers and interracial porn, it’s so important to try and keep things in perspective–even as we aspire to go higher. So hopefully, our newest collaboration will help encourage the positivity and dialogue that is needed,” says Michaels.

“We both want to thank everyone for your support over the last three decades as we continue to open doors, open minds, and elevate us all and each other as well. We wish you peace, health, equality, and great sex!” says Michaels.

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