CAM4 Ramps up COVID-19 Relief Efforts in Colombia

CAM4 has activated its CAM4CARES team to assist local groups in Medellin, Colombia in the battle against the novel coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging impoverished communities.

The company explained that Colombia is their top-performing hub in the Latin American region, and Colombian broadcasters are favorites among CAM4 users. However, in recent months, the coronavirus pandemic led to the erasure of “over 120,000 jobs… and because many low-wage workers are employed off-the-books, there is little or no opportunity for the newly unemployed to attain welfare or any type of social assistance from the state.”

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“When this area faced incredible adversity, we at CAM4 reacted swiftly with empathy to provide our allies and their friends and co-nationals with much-needed supplies,” continued a company rep. “As a direct response to COVID-19’s devastating impact on these communities, a group of CAM4 broadcasters and customer support staff teamed up to raise funds in order to deliver crucial supplies to six of the most affected communities in Medellin. To date, over 740 care packages have been delivered, with each package containing a two-week supply of food and basic necessities.”


Ryan F, CAM4’s regional director for Latin America, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to “help and build up ties wth the community.”

“It also constructs loyalty and brand awareness and offers a sweet, heartwarming feeling,” he said.

For additional details, and to donate to the CAM4CARES Colombian relief effort, follow the platform on Twitter and email

In related news, earlier this year, the CAM4 support team in Colombia participated in the country’s “Red Rag” drive to deliver food and supplies to those in need.

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