CamSoda is Giving Away a Playstation 5 for Christmas

The Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) is easily one of the most difficult things to get your hands on this Christmas season. The videogame console has been sold out at many retailers, and it’s difficult to come by even online. Either that or you’re paying a ridiculously inflated price for the originally $499USD product. 

CamSoda has decided to make someone’s Christmas with their “Free PS5 PlayStation 5 Giveaway”. The popular cam site launched a contest that will give some lucky bastard the coveted console just in time for Christmas. But sadly, your chances of even winning this contest is slim. There’s already over 500,000 entries, and the number keeps climbing. 

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With only a couple days left (as of this post), hurry hurry hurry, and get on over to CamSoda’s PS5 giveaway page and enter to win.

CamSoda’s Free PS5 PlayStation 5 Giveaway:

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