Candy Reign admits She Loves Pain…and Popcorn and Bacon Too

Quick Q&A

Q: Tell us a little about yourself growing up; and What were your favorite TV shows, hobbies?
A: I grew up in Sussex, England, living across from the beach, so spent a lot time with my friends; swimming, having water fights, rollerskating, climbing trees. I went travelling when I was 19, I’ve been some beautiful places, and have now lived in New Zealand for 5 years.

Q: Tell us about your first sexual experience, and what did you discover about yourself?
A: I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend when I was 17, and it was in this relationship that I discovered I have an incredibly high sex drive. I haven’t had one boyfriend, to this day, who has been able to keep up with how often I want sex.

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Q: What led or inspired you to creating content online?
A: I had always been interested in it, then after watching a documentary featuring Bailey Rayne, I decided to give camming a go in June 2018. I had a really good first show, and now I do it full time. I love creating content, because I get to be creative and try new things.

Fun Facts

Your turn-ons:
Knowing what other people want to do to me turns me on

Favorite food(s):
Popcorn & Bacon, oooh maybe Bacon Popcorn

Favorite movie(s):
The Conjurings & the whole Harry Potter series – my sternum tattoo is The Deathly Hallows symbol, I just love them!

Favorite body feature(s):
My waist & my boobs, I love my boobs, I never used to, but my members have taught me to love them!

Favorite car(s):
My 1989 BMW E30 called Henry

Your sexiest kink(s):
I’m a masochist, so I get pleasure from pain, being spanked/flogged, nipple clamps, wax play.. the possibilities are endless

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