Carmela Clutch Makes Her Swallowed Debut & Returns to

Recently, Latina Honey Carmela Clutch (aka the Queen of Sweaty Sex) has made her Swallowed debut and also made her triumphant return to

Recently, Carmela made her All Anal debut. Mike Adriano was impressed with her performance, and the members raved about her, so he invited her to film for Swallowed. Her debut, “Carmela Drains the Dick,” is available now and opens with Carmela teasing the viewers and Logan Long with the sloppiest and best BJ ever. She strips down, oils up her tits, and gets her 43-inch ass measured. Carmela gives a world-class BJ in the almost 40-minute scene that’s destined to have her returning for more future oral adventures. Watch the trailer and exclusive scene and check out the colorful photo set for “Carmela Drains the Dick” at

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“Short and Curvy” marks Carmela’s triumphant return to The scene is available on the flagship site as well as the Milfty site. Carmela and Peter Green match on a dating app, and the flirty and teasing starts quickly and is intense. She’s just Peter’s type, and he makes the move and comes over to her place. Carmela is waiting on her knees in a curvy-hugging dress—as soon as she walks in the door, she goes town on Peter’s cock showing off her stellar oral skills. The two go at it every way possible in the must-see scene. Watch the preview and members-only scene at

“I was honored to be asked to come back personally by Mike Adriano. Working for him was a dream, and I’m so excited to have finally made my Swallowed debut. Peter and I have worked together multiple times, and it’s always awesome, so I jumped at the chance to work with him for Both scenes are definite must-sees, so join both sites and pay for your porn! Happy wackin’!” says Carmela Clutch.

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