Carmela Clutch Returns to Bang! with Car Trouble & Not Enough Cash

Busty Latina sweetheart Carmela Clutch (aka the Queen of Sweaty Sex) has returned to Bang! with a smoking hot brand-new scene for their Bang! Roadside XXX series. She’s in a precarious situation when her car breaks down, and she’s stranded.

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In “Carmela Clutch Shifts Her Pussy into High Gear,” Carmela’s hatchback has broken down by the side of the road. She’s stranded until the tow truck comes and gets her to take it to the mechanic. She only has $600 in the bank, and she’s just found out fixing her ride will cost her even more. Of course, the mechanic has a solution of how she can make up the difference. Carmela gives it up in every way possible, but will it be enough? You’ll have to watch to find out. See the trailer and Bang! Originals exclusive scene at

“I love working with Bang! and this scene was incredible to film and it was great to get some acting in, too. It has a great premise, and the sex in the garage was so hot. Sometimes ass is better than cash to get you out of a bind,” says Carmela Clutch.

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