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A CamSoda Exclusive: Jillian Mae

A CamSoda Exclusive: Jillian Mae

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

The sweltering summer sun has nothing on this month’s oh, so hot feature… the pleasure is all yours today as we have a long awaited, highly anticipated Q & A with one of CamSoda’s brightest stars, the stunningly sexy miss Jillian Mae! A natural knockout, the camera (and her many, many, many CamSoda fans) can’t get enough of this gorgeous and curvaceous international model and professional dancer. With her friendly, fun and warm personality, not to mention her very real love for fetishes of all kinds, Jillian is the ultimate exotic fantasy. Lucky for you, your fantasy comes true each time she’s live on CamSoda! So come scroll with us and learn more about your new obsession, the captivating and mesmerizing miss Jillian Mae…

As a former model for Playboy, Maxim, FHM and Complex (to name just a few) and a professional dancer who’s performed in a variety of music videos as well international tours such as Hot Import Nights, this petite brunette angel is still down to earth with her feet on the ground! “I feel it is such a privilege to be able to make someone’s day brighter just from a simple chat, gesture or sharing an intimate moment. I genuinely love connecting with people, sharing what I know, and learning from anyone who decides to share with me,” she told us. With each of her careers and ventures she’s explored, Jillian has achieved success on her own terms. “Patience, consistency and positivity is so important. Being genuine and truly loving what you do,” is her advice to those starting out, not only in modeling, but in any career they choose to pursue.

“Camming just kind of fell into my lap, LOL,” when we asked her how she learned of the industry. After finding out more from friends, Jillian discovered camming checked off all the boxes in what she desired from life and was also the right mix for her. “Wanting to have more time, freedom, and sparking entrepreneurial endeavors. Camming also gives me the best of both worlds – I can be quite introverted – I love staying in, but I also love meeting and connecting with new people so it’s perfect for me and my personality!” The financial freedom that camming offers certainly is very nice, but developing lifelong friendships and genuine connections is what she truly enjoys most about her career in front of the camera. 

The stunning Jillian isn’t only dancing through life, she also has a strong passion for fitness, keeping fit and staying healthy are daily musts for this hot California girl. Her favorite way to break a sweat? “Weights! I’m currently training to be in my first competitive bodybuilding show (bikini division.” Always trying something new, we don’t doubt she’ll win first place, just like her other successful pursuits! Though she did tell us she hasn’t tried her hand at learning to ride a bike just yet, you never know with this curious cutie, you very well could see her riding in the Tour de France!  When she’s not powerlifting, you can find Jillian practicing her hole in one’s at the driving range or giving it her best shot at the shooting range. What can’t this beautiful and bootyful babe do?!

Besides camming almost every day on CamSoda, intense workouts at her favorite gym and snuggling with her chihuahua, Mister Beanz, she likes to switch up the rest of her daily activities.  An avid reader, most days she’s working on her to-read list, especially books on business, investing and self improvement like psychology – also educational materials to study for a new course or certification! Some days, she’ll cook up a meal at home (hint, hint, her secret talent is her incredible sense of smell) or satisfy her inner foodie and try out a new local spot. Self care is also a daily must, but it could be meditation, a trip to the chiropractor or a therapist, or pampering herself with a visit to the salon to get her hair done and then a relaxing mani pedi. And when she has some down time to dream, this adventurous woman is planning her itinerary for her next vacation – this beauty works hard and plays hard, too. As she puts it, “It’s the little things like having a healthy mindset to your daily habits that make you truly successful!”

Not only will you enjoy great conversation and belly laughs while getting to know even more about the wonderful Jillian in her room on CamSoda, wild and sexy shows are guaranteed (after spending tokens of appreciation, of course!). With tantalizing gaze and flirtatious ways, Jillian loves to tease and get her audience warmed up for one of her golden ticket shows. In particular, fetishes or special requests you’d like to experience or discover one on one in a private show are always welcome. Whether you’re a long time member or a first time visitor, she’d like everyone to know that her room is a “No Judgment Zone.” Jillian herself loves the freedom to express herself and she wants each and every member to feel the same. As she told us,“I love and welcome all fetishes – the best thing about it is you can’t have one. You will always discover something new that you never knew you had a fetish for!”

For the rest of 2022 and beyond, Jillian is looking forward to making others happy (it’s what makes her smile most!) and connecting with even more genuine people through her community on CamSoda. Building businesses, investing and also buying and selling real estate are her next goals she’s sure to accomplish. We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this one of a kind beauty. For now, she’s thankful to have a roof over head, food to eat, her health and a clear conscience! 

To keep up with Jillian Mae and all of her sexy adventures, be sure to follow her on CamSoda – just type “Miss Jillian Mae” in the search bar and if you haven’t already, be sure to tap the heart to get a heads up on when she’s online next! For all the latest, be sure to follow her on Twitter @jillian_mae_ and on Instagram!

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How To Be A Successful Cam Model (Proof Inside)

How To Be A Successful Cam Model (Proof Inside)

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

How To Be A Successful Cam Model (With Examples)

As you know, choosing camming as a career has many ups and downs. The good definitely outweighs everything. Success might not come insanely easy for all, but it can be life-changing when it does. Today you’ll find out what it takes to reach peak success in terms of live streaming. If you’ve got any desire to win, this article is for you. 

Everything You Must Know To Be Successful Camming Today

Okay, let me repeat myself just to make things perfectly clear…if you are looking for info on how to bank on becoming a cam model, you are in the right place – pun intended too! We have the knowledge and experience to help you with your quest. 

Before we go into the specifics and outline the critical ingredients for success, it’s a must that we share an important piece of information. Some cam girls make a pretty good income. 

When we say pretty big, we mean an income of $200 and $1000 per day, going from $15K to $35K per month, which is on par with plenty of other high-paying careers. And let’s face it, it’s fun, engaging, and you get to be your own boss. Nothing beats that really!

However, there is so much more to camming than just looking pretty in front of your camera and expecting people to send you tips. We discussed, in depth, lots of the things that matter. For example, we’ve covered “building a brand” and explained what it means to build a camming and modeling career as well as manage your brand online

As you probably know if you’ve read any of the articles, the camming industry and model competition is fierce AF. If you want to succeed, there are many things you must consider when operating in a competitive environment. Which is exactly why you’ll find an in-depth analysis of the critical pillars for success that a cam girl needs to know.

These are not only suggestions, but straight up hard facts! We’ve followed the careers of many prominent cam girls and analyzed their careers, online presence, and personal brands. We’ve come up with the following guidelines that can significantly help anyone looking to start camming or rise to the top of the industry. 

Before diving in, a friendly reminder that if anyone has any questions at all, feel free to reach out to our social accounts or to our customer support team and we’ll help you! Now let’s get this party started… 

Be Consistent And Follow a Schedule

One of the essential things about camming, and any other online activity, is consistency. Being consistent pays off big time, as your fans know that they can rely on you for fresh content. Setting up a schedule and staying on time is vital, as your fans will know when they can see new content from you.

When it comes to live streaming, time certainly matters. In fact, it might be the most crucial part of it all. You must align your camming efforts with the prime time i.e. when most of your intended audience is online. 

You need to set a schedule and keep it, showing up online at the same time every damn day. That’s a must. That way, your fans will follow your patterns and can plan their time accordingly.

Why should you care about this? Well, so you can arrange regular meetups with fans so they can watch your cam show. 

For example, one of our most notable cam girls, Miss Mileena Kane, has a strict schedule of always showing up at the same time every day, so her loyal fans can get their daily dose of Mileena. Check out her Instagram account too. This girl is so popular and on point it’s crazy!

Does she make bank? You know, she’s cashing big checks! 

Assume A Serious Work Ethic

At first, you may think that camming is not a true job. If so, you my friend could not be more wrong! It’s a business like any other, so you should treat it as such. 

That means no slacking and no taking it as a joke. Instead, if you wish to succeed in camming and earn a living, you need to assume a good work ethic and push through all the challenges.

Treat it like a side gig and you’ll make side gig money. Put in the effort to build a business and you’ll perhaps make serious cash. 

Guaranteed? Well…

As with any other online activity, camming can be unpredictable, so there would be days when you make a lot of money, and there would be days when your take at the end of the day will be zero.

 You should not expect to rake in the big bucks immediately, but you should think of it as growing a plant – sowing the seed, nurturing the seedling, and working hard until you can harvest the fruits of your efforts. 

If you are aiming at being a cam girl full-time and a streaming success, you’ll have to power through all the obstacles. 

Put forth nothing but impeccable work ethic and be persistent, as it will pay off in the long run. Promote yourself and create a faithful following, and you’ll have set up an excellent fan base you can grow and expand. These people will fill your account with green too. Make no mistake about that. 

Establish Social Media Presence

A sure way to drive more traffic is to promote yourself as your brand on social media. Admittedly, you can’t share everything on every social media channel. Still, you can creatively leverage social media to create a brand presence and share it all over social media.

You can use Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook creatively and tell people about yourself. Then, you can use the newfound fans and tell them where they can see more of you. 

For example, one of Camsoda’s most notable cam girls, Natasha Noel, has created a massive online following and has leveraged social media in the most creative and beneficial ways. 

She has over 1.8 million followers on TikTok alone, which is impressive and immensely rewarding, as she shares her brand out there, and attracts new fans that come to Camsoda to see her performances. She even generates an income from TikTok, a definite win-win for all!

Show Off Your Personality

When looking to make money as a cam girl, you need to be aware that you can’t rely just on your beauty or an over-the-top or artificial sex appeal. 

It’s best to instead show people that you have a good personality. If you’re funny, engaging, and entertaining – show it off! 

I get it, not all of us share the same charisma, and some are funnier than others. Still, to attract, maintain and grow your fan base, you need to be all of this rolled into one impressive and irresistible package.

Nobody wants to chat with some boring AF person that does nothing and looks miserable. That’s a surefire way to fail miserably on Camsoda. Remember, fans want to feel, they want to get inside models. You need to connect on the most intimate or personal level possible to win and keep fans. 

If you’ve looked at some of the most famous and successful Camsoda models, you probably noticed that not all are supermodels in the conventional sense of the word. 

They are not the stereotypical porn-style beauty, but more have that high in demand girl-next-door look. Others are down-to-earth beauties who captivate with many other attributes that make them crazy attractive to their target audience.

An example of creative model success…

One of Camsoda’s quite successful models is the infamous Kora Marina. She’s so creative and has an excellent way of connecting with her fans, which is why she is so successful and has been around Camsoda for ages.

Korina has it all when it comes to earning an income through camming, as she’s funny, sexy, entertaining, and always ready to talk to her fans. 

Another example is the beautiful Sunny, among the most famous and well-paid cam girls on Camsoda. Taking a lesson from her book, you should show off your personality, funny side, and talents, whether singing, telling a joke, or something the fans find worth their time (and tips).

Lastly, here’s a list of things that are required if you’re thinking of becoming a cam girl and making a living doing this. Don’t sleep on this list. Do it and get serious and you’ll bank:

Chat comfortably in front of strangersWear sexy clothes and sensually take them off (strip)Openly talk about your and your fans’ fantasiesFreely masturbate in front of an audienceUse tip-activated sex toysHave sex live in front of an audience (camera)Roleplay many different sexy fantasies  

Wrapping Things Up: Good Luck Camming!

A quick recap, above, we’ve outlined all the important things to consider if you’re a girl starting to stream on live cams today. 

These are essential, as there is so much more than simple online brand management. Any girl looking to get into camming and earn a nice income should follow these guidelines. If you do, you’ll drastically increase your chances of success. 

Good luck, and visit our blog for more info on camming and other valuable advice from long-time models. Remember, many of these models have started from the bottom and now have impressive careers and significant net-worth just from camming. If you want the same, then take it seriously and go for it. No sense in doing anything half speed today! Go all in! Oh, and if you’re not signed up, definitely get registered as a model! Learn more about it all here!

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Irresistable Dezirre

Irresistable Dezirre

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

Summer has arrived, but it’s always sizzling here at CamSoda HQ! This month’s feature is certainly no exception to the rule, the gorgeous and stunning Dezirre has always got us sweating with her pretty face, slim waist and sunny personality. This sultry Colombian supermodel is bringing the heat each night she’s live on for her growing group of fans…A hottie in any language with her kind brown eyes, curves for days and flirtatious ways, Dezirre aka Valeria, is truly one who’ll have you coming…back for more! Always open and honest, Valeria took the time to answer all of our burning questions and then some…so scroll with us as we get to know all about the life and loves of Valeria aka miss Dezirre…

“My friends would describe me as shy, but chill, kind of a “thinker.” Not different at all, on or off camera,” the lovely Valeria told us. In fact, this “thinker” is the perfect combination of beauty and brains, as she is currently in her last year of university studying business administration in Medellin. This brunette beauty is all about that business, in more ways than one! When asked if she could divulge some of her secret talents, Dezirre told us she prefers to share them on CamSoda!

Having only started camming less than two years ago in 2020, Dezirre is quickly becoming a star and she credits the people in her life, on and off camera, as the reason behind her success.  “I can tell you I like the life of a woman independent of her parents! Camming on CamSoda was the door that opened me to new cultures and new friends. People have helped me through my studies, through broadcasting, they’re everything,” she told us. It was difficult for her in the beginning of her career, as she hid her work from her parents, but once she moved into her own place, she told her family everything and they were completely supportive.

A day in the life of Valeria aka Dezirre starts bright and early at 6 AM with some morning meditation. “I try to keep a healthy life. Mindfulness is one of things I focus on,” she told us. Next, she’s enjoying breakfast while reading her emails from fans and friends. Always thinking, she’ll catch up on current news, especially business and currently, the latest on Bitcoin, NFTs and cryptocurrency. She almost always makes time in the day to visit her parents before finally settling in to start streaming on! 

In her spare in-between time, between working, studying and visiting her family, Dezirre absolutely craves working up a sweat at the gym, dominating a game of Super Mario on her Nintendo Switch, and of course, what girl doesn’t love shopping? She can’t live without her watch (to keep her schedule nice & tight), her makeup (feeling pretty is a priority – she also gets a mani/pedi every week!) and her car (because this lady is going places)! And she doesn’t just enjoy her own car, after her cousins and friends first invited her to a race, she fell in love with karting and as she puts it, “I’m just one of the guys!” 

They say yummy food is the way to a woman’s heart and for this Colombian beauty, it’s all about dishes from her homeland. “Recently I have been trying recipes called “Motherhood.” They are about incorporating our cultural heritage and ethnicity into our meals,” she told us. Good food and great conversation turn this lovely lady on, but so does a wild show with her Lovense and her fans watching…

With one visit to her room, you’ll fall for Dezirre, not only for her warm smile and petite, hourglass figure, but for her genuine desire to connect through intimate conversation and sensual shows, especially with her favorite toy: the Domi. Just don’t forget your manners and tokens of appreciation as this curvy cutie let us know that an impolite person is sure to turn her right off.

Get your game on and see what prizes Dezirre will give you when you spin the wheel, roll the dice or pull the slot machine! “I’m the real deal, I thoroughly enjoy all my prizes, but I especially love when a member wins my panties!” 

As for the rest of 2022, Valeria aka Dezirre is looking forward to sharing her life and connecting with her friends and fans on CamSoda as well as finally visiting some of the places on her bucket list like Dubai, Budapest, Rome and Asia. And she told us, be sure to follow her sexy Twitter page to keep up with her creative submissions to our weekly contests… With her career in top gear, the gorgeous Dezirre is hoping to finally own her very own (big) home and her dream car, but also invest her money wisely with the knowledge she’s learned from her degree.

So travel over to Dezirre’s room and spend some blissful quality time with this always sexy, sweet and genuine Colombian beauty! Just head on over to CamSoda, type “Dezirre” in the search bar and be sure to tap the heart to keep tabs on when she’s online next! Click to follow her socials: Twitter @dezziree7, Instagram @1dezziree and TikTok @valeg098

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Inside Iisha

Inside Iisha

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

This December is one to remember with this month’s spotlight, a CamSoda star that always shines bright, the incredibly gorgeous Iishalove! With her friendly, funny and flirty personality as well as her voluptuous curves, this Colombian beauty is sitting pretty at the top of Santa’s nice list and definitely when it comes to Camsoda fans’ hearts. Whether it’s getting wild with a sensual and sexy show, flashing her perfect smile with a joke or catching up in intimate chats, Iisha welcomes it all! Scroll with us and take a deeper look at the lovely Iishalove so you can come prepared when she’s live in her room on Camsoda!

As beautiful as the country she hails from, Colombia, you might think Iisha is as extroverted IRL as she is when she’s steaming up screens, but, as she told us, she’s actually quiet, sensitive and a bit picky about who she chooses to be around – until she finds the right connection! As she said, “I’m a shy person, not too outgoing, off camera. Once someone gets to know me or I find them funny or trusting, then that person will see the part of me that I show on cam –  the naughty, funny, cutie side of me and more.” She wants members to know her room on CamSoda is a fun and welcoming space where she loves to play, and play hard! Iisha may be a sensitive sweetheart, but she does know what she wants. So if you’re close to Iisha, count yourself as one of the lucky few to be in her inner circle!

Home has Iisha’s heart and one of her goals for the coming year is to spend more time with her family. We just had to ask what she loved most about living in her country. “The tropical weather – the nice people, the food, there are so many places – I’m sorry I can’t choose just one thing I love about Colombia!,” she told us. Although she adores being home, traveling the world is also a goal of hers – Iisha has only voyaged outside her country once, to Mexico City and Cancun. A trip around Europe, visiting a variety of different countries and cities, are the dream destinations yet to come!

A typical day in the life of Iisha starts bright and early! She’s up at sunrise to take her girls to school and then heads back home to catch up on her beauty rest. “I sleep for a few hours since I stream late into the night,” she told us. Next up on her to-do list is getting her workout in, she usually works out three times a week with a personal trainer to keep her booty in bootyful shape! At lunch, she’ll share a meal with her Mom – Iisha doesn’t enjoy cooking and what’s better than home cooking?! Then she’s back home, to get ready for an exciting cam session with her CamSoda fans.

In her spare time, Iisha enjoys curling up with a good book, watching movies – her favorite film is “The Pursuit of Happiness” – catching up on her beauty sleep and watching YouTube videos on personal development and finance. Beauty and brains, indeed! Iisha can’t imagine life without her cell phone and a good book and one thing you may not know about the beautiful Iisha is that she has a green birthmark on her forehead.  As she told us, “Some of my fans know, but not all, that I have a birthmark and that my intuition is very sharp.” She adores flowers and has three tattoos, each a different kind, with her favorite being the one on her calf which she created with a friend! Next time you find yourself drawn Iisha’s room on CamSoda, strike up on conversation and share some of your favorite things – the nice and the naughty!

If now you find yourself fantasizing about the perfect date with curvaceous Iisha (trust us, we are too!), look no further! Iisha let us in, “It would be at nightime, roses and wine, nice conversation and delicious food, and some candles, too! Near the Eiffel Tower in Paris would be perfect!” Take note, loyal fans, Iisha’s favorite foods are pasta and sushi – not together, of course! When she’s live on cam, she loves to laugh and feel the music pumping up her room and as far as her tip menu, Iisha always puts on a memorable show, especially with her lips! You’ll just have to ask her which orgasmic delights she simply can’t get enough of next time you catch her live on CamSoda!

“The fact that I can free the part of me that really no one sees off camera – that I can be sexy, the way I want and play with my sensuality, is what I enjoy most about camming,” Iisha told us. For 2022 and beyond, she’s looking forward to spending even more time online, meeting new friends and connecting with her fans on cam and on her FanSoda page, too! So come see the secret side of Iisha on CamSoda and enjoy a wild time,whether it’s a penetrating conversation or another kind of penetrating, sugar and spice makes everything nice!

For all the latest on the intuitive and incredible Iisha, be sure to follow her on CamSoda, simply type in “Iisha” in the search bar on and voila! 

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Search Filters On Instagram

Search Filters On Instagram

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

What to Know

Open the camera, then swipe left on the icons at the bottom of the screen until and tap the magnifying glass (Browse Effects).To find filters from a specific creator, go to their profile, tap the smiley above their grid, and select the filter you want to try.To send an Instagram filter to a friend, open the filter in the camera, tap the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen, then tap Send To.

This article explains how to search for filters on Instagram using the mobile app for iOS and Android.

How To Search for Filters on Instagram

Instagram filters use augmented reality to add special effects to your Instagram stories and posts. Several filters are built-in to the app, but there are thousands more available. Here’s how to look up Instagram filters:

In the Instagram app, open the camera and swipe left through the icons at the bottom of the screen, then tap the magnifying glass (Browse Effects).Tap one of the filters you see or swipe through the categories at the top of the app. To search by name/keyword, tap the magnifying glass.When you tap a filter, you’ll see a preview. Tap Try It or tap the down arrow to download the filter. Tap OK to save the filter. When you go back to the camera, swipe right on the icons at the bottom of the screen to find the new filter.

How To Find Instagram Filters by Creator

Instagram users can create and upload their own filters for others to use. If you want to download a filter from a specific creator, follow these steps:

Find the creator’s profile and tap the smiley above their grid.Tap the filter you want, then tap Try It, or tap the down arrow to download the filter.Snap a photo or record a video with the filter, then share it with your friends.

Get Instagram Filters From Friends

See a cool filter on your friend’s Instagram that you want to try for yourself? Go to the post with the filter you want and tap the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen. You can then tap Try It or tap the down arrow to save it.

Your friend can also send you the filter by going to the filter in their camera, tapping the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen, and tapping Send To.

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Can You Make Money on TikTok in 2022? Absolutely!

Can You Make Money on TikTok in 2022? Absolutely!

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

Over two years ago, we talked about TikTok; at a time when it was becoming “a thing.” So many of us were non-believers and thought that TikTok was just a short trend. But time proved otherwise. The TikTok platform grew into a veritable social media platform, one where people regularly post fresh content and one where people can make good money. We too mentioned this a year ago, provided our readers vital advice on using TikTok, and shared the most notable TikTokers from that period.

Now that this platform has become a true, trending, giant social platform, let’s talk about how you can use it to monetize your content in 2022, make some money and gain fame. Many are already doing it, so we’re not reinventing the wheel. Time to take a glimpse into successful users’ TikTok presence and strategy.

Before we go into details below, a quick disclaimer – monetizing a TikTok account is not simple, but anything is possible. It does require persistence, dedication, strategy, and proper advice (which we’ll share below).

How To Make Money on TikTok

There are essentially three ways you can make money on TikTok, but to get to these, you need to have a proper strategy and become an influencer that people will follow.

TikTok Creator’s Fund

To tap into the TikTok Creator’s Fund, you don’t need millions of followers, but you need to have a certain number of followers and authentic views. The TikTok Creator’s Fund is accessible to users older than 18+ with accounts that post only original content, have at least 10,000 authentic followers, and at least 100,000 authentic views in the last 30 days.

There is no set amount that each qualifying account gets on TikTok, but there are specific rules and factors that decide the amount of money each TikTok influencer earns. Still, you need to be quite the content creator to access the TikTok Creator Fund. Even if you do get it, you should not rely only on the Creator’s Fund as a primary source of income. So onwards, looking for other, additional ways to earn money on TikTok.

Sponsorship Deals/Sponsored Posts

Another way to make money on TikTok is to become a social media influencer and score a sponsorship deal. This way will rocket your bank account for sure. A similar version is to partner with different brands and create and post sponsored posts. 

But the primary condition to landing a sponsorship or partnership with brands is to select a niche and become quite the expert on it, with a good following. No one will pay you to promote content to 10 people – brands look for and pair with social media influencers with a sizable following.

For example, you have a good following (counting in tens of thousands or more) and regularly post content with your cat. You can collaborate with a cat food brand, they send you a free bag, and you mention their product in a TikTok post. Another way is to show a TikTok post of your cat munching on the cat food and get some cash.

However, the most lucrative sponsorship deal you can get as a TikTok creator is to formalize your collaboration, sign a contract, and set several posts and mentions for a defined sum of money. Nothing stops you from reaching out to brands and getting into more formal deals, especially if you already use their products. Trust me, cam girls have LOTS OF OPTIONS here! Exclusive partnerships, product use, wearables, all that jazz. 

It is important to note that that the more specific a niche you choose, the more likely you will hit a sponsorship deal/sponsored post. Influencers who post generalized content usually get fewer sponsorship options from those who create posts on specialized or micro niches. If you do land a sponsorship post/deal, you need to disclose it through a hashtag in the description.

Attracting Clients/Customers for Your Existing Business

When it comes to making money on TikTok, maybe the safest option is to use the platform to create posts that promote your brand, hobby, or business. Camgirls can genuinely use TikTok to promote themselves and drive visitors to their official sites and/or profiles. 

On Camsoda, many of our girls are on TikTok and use the platform to promote themselves. For example, one of the Camsoda girls with a very successful TikTok account is Natasha Noel, who posts entertaining videos that have amassed 1.8 million followers and 21.2M likes up to date.

Another example is Mariaa Skyy, a famous Camsoda girl who posts TikTok videos where she dances, talks about fun stuff, and has some beautiful cosplay videos. She has gathered 211.3K followers and over 3.2 million likes, and she smartly uses TikTok to promote herself.

Now to the good stuff – our expert advice on how much  money you can make on TikTok.

How Much Money Can You Make on TikTok?

The golden rule on making money on social media, TikTok included, is a strong, engaged following. The amount of money you can make is directly related to the number of active followers you have. When we say active, we mean the followers who actively watch your posts, share, and actively engage with them.

When it comes to the more popular accounts, the earnings from TikTok are in the millions. Still, this number is rare, and most top TikTok influencers get several thousand for a single post. In the case of Natasha Noel, one of Camsoda’s most popular girls on TikTok, she makes over $1K+ per post. That comes to a hefty monthly income just from TikTok.

Another example is Ginger Sweetie, a well-known Camsoda model relatively new on TikTok. Her posts average between $15-$25 per post, but she only has 25.7K followers and a little over 46.1K likes.

As you see here, we are not considering the earnings from sponsored posts/sponsorship deals. However, the income can become quite significant, especially for TikTokers who have landed a coveted sponsorship deal. So get your fanbase up and start posting good creative original content!

Strategizing Making Money

As with many popular trends, the people who’ve taken the plunge and started getting involved sooner are one step ahead. The time to do it is right now. Not next week or next month, but today. TikTok is so well-created that you already have the tools to start posting there. Here is what you need to keep track of and some of the vital tips for starting your TikTok career.

Find Your Niche

Finding your niche on TikTok is more vital for success than simply posting generalized content. You can note that almost all the top TikTok influencers and Camsoda girls on TikTok post content in specialized niches. 

This strategy is absolutely vital for making money on TikTok, as you will post videos that your fans will like and engage with, and you can then hone in your posts to engage more people and make some money doing what you like and enjoy.

We’ve mentioned Natasha Noel above, one of the Camsoda girls with the most TikTok followers. She posts dancing videos, makeup, and cosplay videos, all topics she is knowledgeable and experienced in. This way, she promotes herself and inspires visitors to engage with her on Camsoda.

Be Original

Always be yourself; everyone else is already taken. This truth is applicable in many cases, TikTok included. 

Don’t be fake, don’t post other people’s ideas, don’t do it to get the likes but only post content you enjoy. Please note that people can recognize bull***t, and they will not become followers to a TikToker who only creates content to get the likes.

The same goes for sponsor deals/posts, as you should only promote products you use and like. It is better to turn down a sponsorship deal for a product you don’t like or use. 

If you accept it, it will reflect on the quality of your content and your fan base. Also, please note that you should not promote too many products, as your fan base will get annoyed and recognize they’ve been used. 

Instead, focus on creating original content that you like and enjoy, and build your fan base. Of course, if you raise your TikTok channel and amass a good fan base, you can also take advantage of the in-feed video ads, branded hashtags, branded takeovers, and branded effects and earn some money that way.

Be Fun and Engaging

People start posting videos on TikTok to have fun first and make money second. If you start creating TikTok content to primarily make money, you are setting yourself up to fail. You need to think about yourself and your fans – your content should be fun and engaging for both sides.

First, your posts need to be in your style, and you need to share them with the world – attracting people to become followers. Only after you establish a good rhythm and a faithful fan base can you think of monetizing your efforts.

Engage and Promote

Always engage with your fan base, as it makes people feel appreciated and respected. Listen to your audience, create content they like, answer questions, and do live streams where you can actively interact with your fans.

Also, promote your TikTok content on other channels, as it helps with discoverability and promotion. Share your TikTok videos to other social media platforms, ask for people’s shares and likes, and watch your TikTok account grow.

Wrapping It Up…

You should now realize that TikTok is an excellent social media platform that has set roots and is here to stay. Many TikTokers have taken advantage and earned a nice income from it, including many of our models. 

It’s never late to get started, as you can start your TikTok account today, find a niche you enjoy, grow your audience, and make money by posting content on TikTok. So just do it! Be sure to post your Camsoda profile link when you do too! 

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E-Girl: Nami Wolff

E-Girl: Nami Wolff

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

April showers bring May flowers and this month’s feature is certainly one beauty that’s in full bloom! Living it up live in the sexiest corner of cyberspace,, it’s the stunning and lovely miss Nami Wolff! She’s one to keep your eye on – cheerful & fun, the camera absolutely adores her and so do all of her fans on Camsoda! This cosplay queen is truly creative at heart, always bringing new looks and themes to her shows, & this curious cutie is also a full time student, not only of people but also biology, craving to learn all about life! Smart, confident and outgoing, Nami truly enjoys hanging out with her fans, from chatting about her favorite anime or video game to expressing herself sexually and showing off her wild side, she’s having just as much fun as they are! We’ve been crushing on our electronic gf for quite some time so we were over the moon when she was delighted to answer our AMA  and make our dreams come true! So come, scroll through and learn all there is to know about Nami, in her cyberworld and IRL!

“I’m very shy, but when I feel confident, I am very sociable. I’m really no different, on or off camera, I always try to be myself,” says Nami. She went on to tell us that camming has helped her confidence grow, in herself and also in what she can achieve – adding that her life has changed immensely since she started and offering her the ability to accomplish some of her personal goals. One of the goals this Colombian brown-eyed beauty is close to accomplishing is her graduate degree in biology, after a year of sabbatical, Nami is ready to return, complete her studies and get her degree! Her effort and dedication have also paid off in her camming career, having created a strong and nice community on CamSoda in such a short time! For 2022 and beyond, her main goal is growing her platform even more, fully embracing her E-Girl status and truly reigning as a CamSoda cosplay queen!

Rewatched Game of Thrones more times than you can count? Played COD with your friends for hours on end? Catch yourself thinking about Neon Genesis Evangelion almost everyday? Then you will absolutely fall for the lovely Nami as each of those titles are some of her most favorite things. Miss Nami can’t get enough of everything related to anime, video games or internet culture – a true fan that has translated her love into another visual art, creating cosplay looks, especially for her CamSoda shows. “It feels great to be able to mix my passions with my broadcasts! So far, the look I love the most is the dark magician girl because it’s the character I grew up with – I love Yu-Gi-Oh!,” Nami told us. Next time you’re hanging out with this bootyful beauty, share your cosplay crush and maybe, just maybe, Nami will bring your fantasy to life live on CamSoda!

When she’s not playing video games like Pokemon, Zelda or Valorant or watching some of her favorite flicks like Star Wars, Harry Potter / Marvel movies, the gorgeous Nami enjoys going on long walks, reading books and going to concerts in her spare time. “I love morning walks and trekking – it’s something I’ve got more involved in once I started studying biology. I also like taking pictures of nature, too,” she told us. Talk about an all around bombshell, brains and beauty, this stunning lady also has another creative  talent, although it’s a secret to many, she spilled the beans with us: painting! “I’ve been painting for years – it relaxes me so much!”

When it comes to her daily routine, Nami starts early and likes to keep her schedule super organized and punctual, from exercise to meals (especially Peruvian ceviche, Bandeja Paisa and fresh strawberries!) to camming, she makes sure she has plenty of time in the day to read, study and make time for her hobbies. Her family, friends and of course, the internet are the three things that she couldn’t do without – biology and electronics, that’s the perfect combo for this always curious cutie! In fact, not just biology has her mind, body and soul, but a few other sciences, too! “I love entomology, paleontology and astronomy, “ she told us. Reading and studying about these sciences really gets her in the mood so feel free to share your cool & nerdy hobbies with the cheerful Nami next time you catch her chatting up her room on CamSoda!

Bringing new meaning to “cyberbabe,” Nami has always been interested in camming and after following many models and actresses in the industry, Nami decided to steam up screens through her virtual world on CamSoda. She went on to tell us that her favorite aspect of her career is the ability to connect with her fans/friends live in real time. “Interacting with people from different parts of the world and being able to form a community that becomes like your friends as time goes by.” In her room, you can find Nami showcasing her cosplay creations, going on deep dives on a large variety of topics and of course, expressing her sexuality through new and different experiences, especially with her wild toybox – dildos in every color and shape you can imagine, but her very favorite is one shaped like Darth Vader! Come to know the power of the dark and wild side with Nami!

Looking forward to the rest of 2022 and beyond, Nami hopes to accomplish her other goals, traveling the globe and experiencing more live concerts! This year, little by little, she’s been planning trips and of all the places she’s visited, she counts Lake Tota and the Cocora Valley in her native Colombia as wonderful places that should be on everyone’s list! “I love to travel, in fact, it’s something I did frequently before the pandemic, being able to experience different places, cultures, and perspectives on life is definitely a gift from the universe,” Nami told us. 

Get ready to connect with Nami in her virtual dream world live on CamSoda  and make this E-Girl your new best girl! Just type “NamiWolff” in the search bar and be sure to tap the heart to keep tabs on when she’s online next! Check out her socials, Instagram and Twitter, under her username, konamiiuwu! ^_^

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A CamSoda Exclusive: Danie Ink

A CamSoda Exclusive: Danie Ink

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

Stunningly gorgeous with curves for days, we are crushing hard on this month’s feature, one of the brightest stars in our CamSoda cyberspace, the bootyful and beautiful Danie Ink! This dark haired babe is certainly one to watch, over and over and over again! With her supermodel looks, perfect smile, and charming personality, adoring fans are following her every erotic move live on CamSoda! She’s a stunner in any language and when this self-described “kitten” starts getting in touch with her wild side, you won’t be able to get enough! This gorgeous girl was more than happy to share a closer look into her daily life (on and off screen), a few secrets and of course, her favorite ink! So scroll with us & get to know the divine and delightful miss Danie Ink!

Passionate, independent and a trailblazer, Danie definitely lives up to her zodiac sign, Aries! The strong attributes of her sign: intelligence, confidence, determination and of course, sexiness, are all terms that apply to the lovely Danie. When she turns it on, the camera absolutely adores Danie and it’s no surprise as she’s breathtakingly beautiful with a magnetism that commands all eyes on her! But, as she told us, there is a duality to her nature. “When I’m on camera, I feel like Hannah Montana! When I’m off camera, I am an ordinary girl, quiet and reserved.” On both sides of Danie, she is truly an Aries in that she enjoys the company of all kinds of people, an aspect of camming she absolutely loves! This Colombian beauty works hard & plays hard, too!

“There are many things I enjoy about streaming, but what I like most is that when I’m online, there’s almost never a time to be sad or bored. There will always be a person somewhere in the world who makes you smile and pampers your day, making your day better or funnier than it was,” Danie told us. Camming for Danie has provided a way to optimize her life and schedule so that she has enough time for the things she wants to do. It has truly changed her life! “I don’t know if there is something more rewarding than having time. Time to do what you like, to rest, to travel, to study, and to be able to stream when I can and when I want to,” Danie told us.

Wonderfully inked, this voluptuous beauty isn’t exactly sure how many pieces adorn her body and she loves them all equally. “I don’t have a favorite, as they have all become pieces together. I greatly admire the sacred geometry of nature: flowers, hence my patterns, too.” She also appreciates the meaning behind her many floral designs as they mean “good fortune!” 

At first look, you may think that she is into a goth style, with her black hair and many tattoos, but Danie finds it curious as she is much more cheerful and upbeat. She let us in on a secret – her natural hair color is light brown, but she dyes it black for the only reason that she loves how it stands out. “Many say that my style is “dark,” but I consider myself more of a cute kitten and I love pastel colors,” she told us. She does have that Aries honesty, though, as those signs can’t hide what they are thinking or feeling. “If I like or dislike something, it shows in my eyes or with a blush. Sometimes, it’s a double edged sword.” 

When she’s not streaming live on CamSoda, Danie loves travel, in fact it’s one of her favorite hobbies! Taking trips allows her recharge and she feels full of vitality upon return. “I have many favorite places, but the place I frequent the most is Quindio. It’s a part of Colombia that is full of landscapes, coffee, rivers, activities and animals where I usually go to relax, take baths in natural springs and enjoy its natural beauty,” Danie told us. So it’s no surprise to learn that if she could have any superpower, this lovely adventurer would choose teleportation! “I’ve always dreamed of this power! To disappear or appear whenever I want to, feeling free to explore any corner of the world, no matter how risky it may be,” she told us.

So come spend some quality time with the beautiful Danie Ink – we guarantee you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her! With her positive personality, her hourglass curves and her enchanting sensuality, you’ll want to keep your date with her every day & every night! And you can, just by joining her room on CamSoda! 

To keep tabs on all things Danie, be sure to follow her on CamSoda – just type “DanieInk” in the search bar and be sure to tap the heart to get a heads up on when she’s online next! And for all the latest updates, follow her @Danieink66 and @CamSodaLive on Twitter!

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All about Ahinoa

All about Ahinoa

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

Spring has officially sprung with this month’s sexy feature, the absolutely gorgeous and oh, so sweet miss Ahinoa-Floyd aka Mariana! With her seductive ways and perfect curves, Mariana is one of the most mesmerizing stars in our CamSoda cyberspace. This kind, compassionate and super hot cat mom is a total sweetheart so it’s no surprise that she’s got such a large & adoring fanbase keeping their CamSoda tab open just for her! If you haven’t yet met this petite brunette beauty, don’t worry, miss Mariana streams live almost every day on CamSoda so be sure to show her lots of love next time she’s live…but for now, come join us as we enter the beautiful world of the sublime miss Ahinoa!

“I am a very happy, loving and peaceful woman,” miss Mariana told us. This twenty-two year old beauty has a heart of gold, as she enjoys helping others whenever she can. “I like to give others something of myself to make them better and also learn from them to grow as a person,” she told us. Connection and authenticity is important to Mariana, on camera and off, and it’s one of the reasons she loves camming, to meet wonderful people while being her genuine, sensual self. “My personality is always the same, I like to make myself known as I truly am and that everyone feels confident with me.”

A rare soul, Mariana is much more than a pretty face. She sincerely appreciates the wonderful things in life, like animals and new adventures in nature, to keep her grounded and always smiling. “I love beautiful landscapes and I love to travel – I would love to see the whole world! I consider myself a dreamer and I am always looking for new experiences that fill my life with happiness,” she told us. 

She loves all the places she’s visited as each new destination offers her a chance to discover the stories, the dreams and energy of thousands of people who’ve passed through – her words, not  ours! Of all the wondrous places she’s visited, her favorite places always have a beach and she hopes one day to make her dream of living there a reality. “My dream is a house facing the sea where I can sit and watch the sunset every day.” 

And speaking of things that make the lovely Ahinoa smile, well, break out your trusty book of jokes! Heaven is certainly missing an angel as this one loves to crack a great joke and all to make others smile, of course – “I enjoy making others smile, especially those who are sad.” And if you really want to take it to the next level and get miss Mariana laughing, well, then you’ll have to step up your flirt game and serve her your best compliments, too. Don’t forget those tokens of affection in her room on!

A day in the life of Mariana always begins with her waking up next to the loves of her life…her three kitties, “Pizza,” “Waffle,” and “Coca Cola,” which are also her three favorite foods! “They are my company every day and the ones who fill my life with happiness. I really think that our pets are the ones who love us the most and are unconditional, it is true love,” she told us. After she’s done getting ready for the day, she’ll walk or take a car to the studio since it’s close to her house. “I have a lot of fun while I broadcast, I give my best and try to create nice connections with my fans, whether it’s through chatting or games, I really enjoy my fans seeing me and smiling side by side.” When she turns the camera off, sometimes she’ll check out a shopping mall or meet up with friends for some ice cream. Other days, she’ll go straight home to cuddle with her cats in bed and catch up on her beauty sleep (even though she doesn’t need it!) – as she told us, “I really do love to sleep!”

Ahinoa certainly brings new meaning to sugar & spice, everything nice! Besides being a total sweetie herself, this wonderful woman loves her desserts: candy, chocolate, cake, you name it!
“Besides my cats and Coca-Cola, I can’t live without sweets, they sweeten my life and give me an energy boost when something makes me sad.” If you’re wondering which are her favorites, Mariana loves a dessert like 3 Milk or ‘mecato’ snacks like Milo chocolate candy or watermelon which is never missing from her fridge! In her spare time, she enjoys tapping into her artistic side, through enjoying a film, painting or using her hands to create beautiful crafts. No need to just daydream about this sensual and creative bombshell, you can make your fantasies come true with Ahinoa live in her room, but don’t forget your manners as kind people really turn her on!

“*What I enjoy the most about camming is that I can always, always be me,” Mariana told us. From decorating her room according to her mood to putting on a “body tour” show, she definitely enjoys exploring her sexuality through connecting with her adoring fans on CamSoda. Through a wild custom request, this daring and charming cutie even discovered one of her favorite ways to heighten an orgasm, quite literally! “One day a member asked me to jump rope while they controlled my Lush. It was really crazy and I felt very wild because my adrenaline was at 100%! Without a doubt, I would repeat it!” So next time you’re spending quality time with Ahinoa, be sure to share your fantasies & miss Ahinoa will surely exceed all of your (and her) expectations!

“I hope the rest of 2022 will be a year full of peace, where I can meet many good people, continue to learn things and travel to new, exciting places,” she told us. So come, be a part of Ahinoa’s world, share your goals and desires with this dark haired Colombian beauty when she’s streaming on CamSoda! To, just click the link, type in “Ahinoa-Floyd” in the search bar, and discover the sensual and erotic universe of Ahinoa! And to keep tabs on all things Ahinoa, be sure to follow her sexy Twitter @Ahinoaa8, her fun TikTok page @MarianaBotero56 and her unbelievably sexy Insta @ahinoaa_m!

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A CamSoda Exclusive: Lea Thompson

A CamSoda Exclusive: Lea Thompson

CamSoda Blog – The official blog of the world’s best camsite!

Spring is here and this month’s exquisitely beautiful feature certainly has us standing at attention! 

One of the brightest stars on CamSoda, to know her is to love her and your crush will only grow and grow once you discover all there is to uncover of the gorgeous miss Lea Thompson! Hotter than hot, in her words, this redhead on fire will warm you up in no time with her friendly personality and outgoing nature, not to mention her stunning smile! This voluptuous beauty is one to watch and with just one visit to her room on CamSoda, you’ll be clicking “Follow” and enjoying a piece of heaven on earth! With her curves for days and big time sensuality, this lively Latina lights up the room and puts on quite a show – she’s always in the mood to have fun and of course, get naughty, too! Miss Lea was more than thrilled to answer our burning questions, from her favorite music to what really turns her on. So come scroll through our exclusive heart to heart interview with the one & only Lea Thompson!

Somewhat extroverted and always determined to strive for what she wants, the lovely Lea credits her discipline to helping her achieve her goals and desires, on and off camera. She loves to express herself and her sexuality through her sensuality. A dream woman come true, Lea is a combination of sweet and sexy with all the right moves – and of course, a perfect body to match! It’s no surprise she’s one of the most popular models as she loves meeting and developing relationships with people all over the world. Her room on CamSoda is a space where people can have fun, forget for a while or leave their bad day behind. “I always learn from each person I meet, I contribute some of my knowledge and culture to them and I want to make them feel good!”

Before becoming a webcam model, Lea was a professional makeup artist working with models in the industry and once she started, the camera fell in love with her and she loves it right back! “I love dressing up in lingerie, creating different looks with makeup, wigs and different outfits,” she told us. It helps her get in the mood and create a performance full of sensuality and flirtation. She enjoys fulfilling hers and he voyeurs’ desires – the gorgeous Lea adores it all! “It’s the best when I have the room’s attention and I really enjoy each activity on my tip menu, but I absolutely love when we all climax together.” 

A day in the life of Lea starts early! She’s up with the sunrise and while getting ready to go to the gym, she likes to listen to motivational speakers or books to help her focus and get her mind ready to take on the day. Leah hits the gym six days a week to keep her booty in bootyful shape but she also reminded us staying hydrated with lots of water is key for health and beauty! Once she’s back home, she prepares her meals for the day as eating well is another way she stays in shape – she loves to cook with seafood and when she goes out to eat, sushi and pizza are at the top of her list. Then it’s time to get ready and prepare to go live! “I always take care of my skin and I always try to look beautiful for my room. It’s very important to me to have an impeccable personal presentation with my makeup and my hairstyle!” Next time you’re spending time with Lea live on CamSoda, be sure to stock up on plenty of tokens of appreciation to make this beauty feel loved and adored!

Family and faith are two things this Colombian sweetheart can’t live without. “I could not live without my family since they are the engines that drive me everyday and I always work hard to make sure that they are well. I know without my belief in God, I would not be able to continue, ” Lea told us. When she has spare time, she loves to go to the movies, go dancing and practice her art of makeup! When she’s in the mood to listen to music, Lea loves all kinds depending on what mood she’s in, but most often, cheerful, upbeat music is her pick. In fact, one thing you may not know about her, is that she has a particular bedtime routine, too. “I really like to listen to music that relaxes me at night – soft sounds of rain, piano, birds singing or mantras.” Traveling is another hobby that has her heart – she recently took a trip to Cancun, Mexico and is looking forward to traveling to the U.S., especially Miami and Los Angeles, as she has some projects in mind that she’d like to develop in these cities for the future! 

The curvaceous Lea loves to laugh, live it up and express her most intimate desires and fetishes  almost every night on CamSoda so our inquiring minds just had to know what turns her on, on and off camera! For starters, her idea of the perfect date would have to include dinner (homemade is a plus!) with candles, wine, roses…a special conquest for a special woman! 

“I get turned on by a good conversation, there is no better way to flirt with me and make my mind fly, soft caresses that get more intense, dirty words in my ear, lots of kisses that make me want more.” You don’t just have to imagine Lea all hot & bothered, you can head over to her room for some intimate interaction and practice the art of conversation with the lovely Lea in real time – the ultimate conquest! Don’t forget your manners and be sure to share your pleasure to make this beautiful babe feel delighted and satisfied…

What’s next for Lea in 2022? Certainly entering more weekly @CamSodaLive social media contests – just peep below one of her stunning submissions! More success and more happiness is sure to come for this absolutely gorgeous and wonderfully inked queen – in fact, her favorite tattoo is of a Queen on her arm which “represents me, my life as a webcam model, and I did it at a very nice moment in my career,” she told us.

So, come and enter Lea’s CamSoda room! Just click the link, type in “LeaThompson1” in the search bar, and worship this wonderful woman 24/7! And to keep tabs on Lea, be sure to follow her unbelievably hot Twitter @LeaThompson01 and her oh, so sexy Instagram @lea.thompson1!

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