Chanell Heart on MV Mag issue 30 for Black History Month

ManyVids is very much a business that values diversity. This was expressed this past February 2020 when they featured 5 of the creators on the platform. ManyVids welcomed the gorgeous Chanell Heart to grace the cover of issue 30 of MV Mag for Black History Month.

MV Mag 30 featured Chanell Heart, MistyStone, Scarlett Bloom, Vanniall, and ZarioTravezz. Chanell Heart’s photos were elegant black and white images, which through her spreads featured no nudity, but they pics didn’t need to show any skin for you to appreciate hows wonderfully sensual each pic was.

Chaturbate - More Girls Online

All talent featured in issue 30 of MV Mag were well delivered, and we salute ManyVids for again celebrating diversity. They truly take no sides, and welcome all to their platform.


Chanell Heart







Scarlett Bloom




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