Charlie Forde Separates Aussie Fact from Fiction in Her Hustler Mag Debut

Stunning all-natural, blonde, blue-eyed Aussie adult star, content producer, and pole dancer Charlie Forde has made her Hustler Magazine debut in a piece that separates Australian fact from fiction.

You know you’re in for a good time when the Hustler article you’re reading starts off with “Buckle up, mates, we’re headed Down Under!” Yes, your mind might go to that place, but we’re talking about Australia. Writer Maxwell Van Zandt chose Forde as your tour guide in his latest Hustler piece, “Charlie Forde explains Australia.” The award-winning producer and performer talks about the difficulties of making content in her homeland, the porn community there, winning big at the Australian Adult Industry Awards. She also explains some wild Aussie terminology like bogan, how many tinnies or cans of beer an average Australian can chug, how seppos can fare well in the Land Down Under, and how deadly cone snails are much more. Readers will learn a lot about the adult industry in Australia, as well as some useful slang and places to visit if you ever find yourself there.

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“This is so exciting—I’ve always wanted to be in Hustler, and now my dream is a reality. It’s great to reach a whole new worldwide audience. Whether you’re an australophile or you’re just curious about where I come from, this article is a definite must-read. This is one of the most fun interviews of my career!” says Forde.

“Charlie Forde explains Australia” is available for Hustler magazine subscribers and site members. Check it out at

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