Charlotte Stokely Talks Health, Wellness and the Body Electric on ‘This Just In’ Podcast

Charlotte Stokely was the featured interview guest this week on ‘This Just In’, a lively and informative new general lifestyle podcast with host Jason Latham.

The adult actress, acclaimed cam girl, model and award-winning superstar spoke with Latham about her experiences in the industry, tabletop RPG games, and how her innate fascination with biology and human anatomy motivated her to pursue a career as a performer.

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“I’ve been curious about sexuality my whole entire life, including all functions of the human body, whether it be mental, physical, spiritual, metaphysical, sexual, nutritional… I love the human body, and what better place to express my love for my body and other people’s bodies than the adult entertainment industry?”

Stokely also discussed how working as a holistic healer inspired her to help others in “finding that balance in their bodies and reversing whatever woes that ailed them… that really fueled a curiosity fire of ‘how can I help people?’”, which led to her studying to become an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach.

The star received her certification in 2019 at the height of her adult fame (“I’m a damn good multi-tasker”) and now works to reverse disease and gut imbalance by touting the benefits of eating based on one’s blood type and taking supplements such as Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, trace mineral enhancements, Vitamin C and good quality probiotics.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that their dopamine and serotonin are manufactured in the gut off the good bacteria… if you’re having intestinal issues and you’ve got brain fog or kind of depressed… they’re linked!” she says. “Also, minerals are conductive for electricity, and we are electrical beings… so let’s get that energy going!”

Jason Latham’s ‘This Just In’ podcast with Charlotte Stokely is available now on the YouTubeSpotify and Apple Podcasts platforms.

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