Classic Vibes of Savageema (aka Emanuelle0)

Savageema is a (currently) 25 year old Ukrainian beauty that likes a bit of everything it seems. On her Chaturbate profile she boasts that she’s “an independent girl, with feet on earth…but i like also having fun…i like literature, psychology, criminology”.

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If you watch enough of her shows you’ll see that she loves classic oldies, and from the shows we caught, more classic jazz music. It brought back memories of those old black and white movies, and you mind can easily cast her in that setting. With her typically sculpted red lipstick lips, big bouncy hair, she fits the part.

One jump over to her MFC page where she goes by Emanuelle0, Savageema, when asked what she does for fun, she answers “Fun …well…i like to party of course but this is not the main thing for me…I prefer to stay with my future boyfriend, to travel, to learn new things all the time…to live beautiful…this is my kind of fun:) “. That’s right she said FUTURE BOYFRIEND, that means that at the time of this posting, she’s single.

So what exactly is she looking for in that perfect mate? Well, she answers that too: “I don’t care how good looking you are , if u have a shitty personality i don t want anything to do with you.So my perfect mate is romantic, smart, loyal to the bone , kind , trustworthy “.

But be careful, she says she has three sides to her: the quiet and sweet side , the fun and crazy side and the side you never want to see. Her profile states she absolutely won’t put up with lies or disrespectful behaviour. This woman means business.

In her recent shows she’s performed fully tanned, which gives her more exotic features when compared to her older photos as can be seen on her MFC page.

Either way you slice it she’s one incredible performer to watch.


  • Real Name:Savageema
  • Birth Date:Oct. 1, 1993
  • Sex: Female
  • Favorite Food: Sea fruits,sushi,and sweeeets…all of them
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Weight: 50kg (approx. 110lbs.)
  • Height: 168cm (approx. 5ft. 6in.)
  • Body Type: Athletic

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