Clips4Sale’s Legal Zone Covers Impeachment, Cyberbullying & End of Year Planning

The Clips4Sale Legal Zone is back, and they’re covering the impeachment and how it will affect the adult industry, cyberbullying, and end-of-year planning.

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Next Monday, December 2nd at 1pm PST/4pm EST, Clips4Sale is bringing another riveting installment of the Legal Zone. It will be hosted by industry premiere IT attorney Corey D. Silverstein and Clips4Sale founder and leader Neil. Joining them as a special guest will be Attorney Larry Walters.

They’ll be covering relevant legal issues and have a live Q&A throughout the webinar. The first topic will be the impeachment, what would happen if the President gets impeached, and how it would impact our industry. They’ll also be discussing cyberbullying, and how to handle bullies and haters legally. Neil, Corey, and Larry will end the webinar discussing end-of-year planning, and the importance of legal compliance, tax preparation, and starting the new year and decade with good legal practices.

“We’re ending the year with a webinar with the topics you have questions and are curious about. This will be one of our best webinars, and you don’t want to miss the last one of the year,” says Clips4Sale founder and leader Neil.

Everyone is invited to attend, whether you’re a Clips4sale studio or not. Get the details at If you can’t make the live webinar, watch the full video will be available later at

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