Crazy_Sweetie – Sexy Little Spanish Flower Shakes booty in Cam Show

Crazy_Sweetie is a sexy little Spanish flower from Barcelona Spain. She’s got a spicy flavor to her that makes her so attractive to her niche audience of generally 100 – 200 viewers, some times more depending on her luck.

I started watching the tiny curly haired Spanish babe a little time ago, and I was almost instantly hooked by her cute innocent looks, nice little round booty, and her lovely round tits. Yes I know she got implants but they fit her well.

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After doing a bit of looking into things, Crazy_Sweetie, unknown to many is actually a transgender person. She transitioned some years ago and also got gender-reassignment surgery. The job is so well done that you can’t ever tell. Regardless you cannot deny her raw sex appeal.

Things to love about her

Her energy: She shows up to every cam show ready to shake her booty. She dances, sings, and performs for her fans with ease. You can catch her twirling her hair, pouring oil all over her body, spreading, and so much more.

Her Ass: She’s got a tight little booty that she can really move. Nice round and plump, fit for her partner to grab and play with to her pleasure. Not sure if she got a little work done on it or not but it’s great.

Her Smile: Crazy_Sweetie has a big beautiful smile that will cause you to simply smile back without realizing that you’ve been captured by her erotic essence. She’s got a innocent cute demeanor to her that makes it all just work for her.

I was able to find a video of her performing for cam on Pornhub. You can see her pussy up close and figure for yourself how detailed they constructed her now prominent pussy. Have a look.

These pics below show her before her boob job. Still as cute as ever. Her boob job, in my opinion does add to her feminine qualities, and is a great finish to her overall look.

What do you think about this little hottie. Have you ever seen her live? If not you can check her out here:

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