Cristinabella (aka Finestchantilly) Shows off New Boobs in Exciting Cam Show

Cristinabella, aka Finestchantilly returns in another great cam show. This time showing off her newly enlarged boobs and tight toned physique.
This camgirl beauty came on live with her natural lipstick color and a yellow one piece swimsuit/under suit. Her infectious smile is hard to resist as she entices her viewers to tip, smile and be happy.

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As the tips roll in you can here her inhale and exhale with pleasure as her toy vibrates each time someone tips.

About her physique, what doesn’t get so much praise is her nicely curved ass. Of course there’s plenty about her boobs as she moved from a B cup to a form fitting 75C European (34C USA), but let’s appreciate that lovely behind. In one set she continually slapped her rounded booty with her ass faced to the camera. The viewers went wild as they took in all what was facing them.

Not too long after tuning in, she changed from her yellow outfit into a more nude colored fit. which she wears well, but preferred her in yellow. Either way this red headed beauty makes it work as she slides back on her blue jeans skirt, ready to start a new round of play for her audience.

After about 5-10 minutes of not too much action she revived the room with her sultry hip movements. She changed her hair a few times, but regularly went back to having split bangs which was super cute.

Things really started to heat up even more when she got a big tip from a special viewer. She gave and gave, fingering and moaning along the way. As the famous yellow wall of Chaturbate flowed in, her body reacted to every tip of 15 or more flooding the chat room.

Christinabella aka Finestchantilly got wild and at this point I was just about ready to cum to this full lipped athletic beauty.

She finished this segment of her show with a lick of her lips, smiled at the camera, and released a satisfying sigh.

Cristinabella / Finestchantilly is easily a fan favorite and she comes each time to play and play hard but classy. Check her out whenever you get the chance. She’s worth the watch.

Model: Cristinabella / aka Finestchantilly
Type: Webcam

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