Diana Deets Gives fans Two Impossible to choose Options in Sexy Curvaceous Twitter Post

Diana Deets, also known as Coconut Kitty and @illicit69kitty on Twitter, recently posted a near impossible selection option for her fans to choose from. The curvaceous blonde bombshell, on November 15th, lit up her Twitter feed with two images she posted with the caption “Are we thinking left or right“.

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(Tweet Image Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EJbM45wUwAEqEK2?format=jpg&name=4096×4096)

The first image (above^) is of Diana looking over her left shoulder, angled 3/4 shot from behind. She has a slight smile on her face with her left hand fingers resting subtly on her lips. Her angle shows off her virtually perfectly shaped booty with her pants pulled down jut below her ass cheeks.


(Tweet Image Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EJbM45_U0AAz828?format=jpg&name=4096×4096)


The second image (above^) features the buxom hottie forward facing the camera. She has both hands gripped on both the left and right side of her underwear, pulling both sides upward. She’s decked out in her Adidas sweatshirt, pants pulled down below her booty, resting on her hips, showing off her hourglass shaped figure.

Now seriously, which one would you pick? A hard decision right? However, her fans wasted no time in leaving comments, letting her know what their favorite of the two was. Here are some of the replies.







So…tell us which of the two is your favorite. Will you choose the booty shot, or the hips boasting image. Leave a comment below and join in the conversation.

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