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April showers bring May flowers and this month’s feature is certainly one beauty that’s in full bloom! Living it up live in the sexiest corner of cyberspace, CamSoda.com, it’s the stunning and lovely miss Nami Wolff! She’s one to keep your eye on – cheerful & fun, the camera absolutely adores her and so do all of her fans on Camsoda! This cosplay queen is truly creative at heart, always bringing new looks and themes to her shows, & this curious cutie is also a full time student, not only of people but also biology, craving to learn all about life! Smart, confident and outgoing, Nami truly enjoys hanging out with her fans, from chatting about her favorite anime or video game to expressing herself sexually and showing off her wild side, she’s having just as much fun as they are! We’ve been crushing on our electronic gf for quite some time so we were over the moon when she was delighted to answer our AMA  and make our dreams come true! So come, scroll through and learn all there is to know about Nami, in her cyberworld and IRL!

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“I’m very shy, but when I feel confident, I am very sociable. I’m really no different, on or off camera, I always try to be myself,” says Nami. She went on to tell us that camming has helped her confidence grow, in herself and also in what she can achieve – adding that her life has changed immensely since she started and offering her the ability to accomplish some of her personal goals. One of the goals this Colombian brown-eyed beauty is close to accomplishing is her graduate degree in biology, after a year of sabbatical, Nami is ready to return, complete her studies and get her degree! Her effort and dedication have also paid off in her camming career, having created a strong and nice community on CamSoda in such a short time! For 2022 and beyond, her main goal is growing her platform even more, fully embracing her E-Girl status and truly reigning as a CamSoda cosplay queen!

Rewatched Game of Thrones more times than you can count? Played COD with your friends for hours on end? Catch yourself thinking about Neon Genesis Evangelion almost everyday? Then you will absolutely fall for the lovely Nami as each of those titles are some of her most favorite things. Miss Nami can’t get enough of everything related to anime, video games or internet culture – a true fan that has translated her love into another visual art, creating cosplay looks, especially for her CamSoda shows. “It feels great to be able to mix my passions with my broadcasts! So far, the look I love the most is the dark magician girl because it’s the character I grew up with – I love Yu-Gi-Oh!,” Nami told us. Next time you’re hanging out with this bootyful beauty, share your cosplay crush and maybe, just maybe, Nami will bring your fantasy to life live on CamSoda!

When she’s not playing video games like Pokemon, Zelda or Valorant or watching some of her favorite flicks like Star Wars, Harry Potter / Marvel movies, the gorgeous Nami enjoys going on long walks, reading books and going to concerts in her spare time. “I love morning walks and trekking – it’s something I’ve got more involved in once I started studying biology. I also like taking pictures of nature, too,” she told us. Talk about an all around bombshell, brains and beauty, this stunning lady also has another creative  talent, although it’s a secret to many, she spilled the beans with us: painting! “I’ve been painting for years – it relaxes me so much!”

When it comes to her daily routine, Nami starts early and likes to keep her schedule super organized and punctual, from exercise to meals (especially Peruvian ceviche, Bandeja Paisa and fresh strawberries!) to camming, she makes sure she has plenty of time in the day to read, study and make time for her hobbies. Her family, friends and of course, the internet are the three things that she couldn’t do without – biology and electronics, that’s the perfect combo for this always curious cutie! In fact, not just biology has her mind, body and soul, but a few other sciences, too! “I love entomology, paleontology and astronomy, “ she told us. Reading and studying about these sciences really gets her in the mood so feel free to share your cool & nerdy hobbies with the cheerful Nami next time you catch her chatting up her room on CamSoda!

Bringing new meaning to “cyberbabe,” Nami has always been interested in camming and after following many models and actresses in the industry, Nami decided to steam up screens through her virtual world on CamSoda. She went on to tell us that her favorite aspect of her career is the ability to connect with her fans/friends live in real time. “Interacting with people from different parts of the world and being able to form a community that becomes like your friends as time goes by.” In her room, you can find Nami showcasing her cosplay creations, going on deep dives on a large variety of topics and of course, expressing her sexuality through new and different experiences, especially with her wild toybox – dildos in every color and shape you can imagine, but her very favorite is one shaped like Darth Vader! Come to know the power of the dark and wild side with Nami!

Looking forward to the rest of 2022 and beyond, Nami hopes to accomplish her other goals, traveling the globe and experiencing more live concerts! This year, little by little, she’s been planning trips and of all the places she’s visited, she counts Lake Tota and the Cocora Valley in her native Colombia as wonderful places that should be on everyone’s list! “I love to travel, in fact, it’s something I did frequently before the pandemic, being able to experience different places, cultures, and perspectives on life is definitely a gift from the universe,” Nami told us. 

Get ready to connect with Nami in her virtual dream world live on CamSoda  and make this E-Girl your new best girl! Just type “NamiWolff” in the search bar and be sure to tap the heart to keep tabs on when she’s online next! Check out her socials, Instagram and Twitter, under her username, konamiiuwu! ^_^

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