Elise Laurenne is Done with Instagram?

Canadian cam girl, model, and cosplay artist Elise Laurenne says she’s given up on Instagram after her main account was taken down by the social media site and was never restored back to her. She also claims that her back-up account was also removed within 24 hours of it being being active.

Instagram is an awesome platform for social sharing, but there’s definitely a love hate relationship between cam models and Instagram due to the ‘grams policy for NSFW content not allowed to be posted on Instagram. This comes as a mystery to many models and the site is quite vague in some areas, and it seems as if certain accounts that explicitly break the rules are alive and thriving.

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A fan tweeted Elise asking, “@Lopez_Leoo: you don’t have Instagram anymore?”, to which she responded “@EliseLaurenne: No I don’t. My main Instagram was taken down and not given back to me, my backup instagram was taken down in 24 hrs. So I give up lol”.

Fans chimed in with their thoughts:

  • “It sucks big time. I still try to use it but am just continually shadow banned so growth is non existent”
  • “You are better off telling them to go fuck themselves n just moving on. Create your own website that cannot be sensored”
  • “Big mood I lost my main IG at the start of the year. Lost my back up last week, had it reinstated just to lose it again 24hrs later without posting anything lmao”.

It’s pretty clear hear that the cosplay, webcam sweetheart is simply frustrated with Instagram. But, one begs to ask the question if she’ll ever create a new account on the social media site.

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Photos: Twitter @EliseLaurenne

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