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Emily Cheree: My name is Emily Cheree! I was banned from Whole Foods for pulling my tit out while holding almond milk and stuffed a zucchini down my shirt. Don’t worry, I paid for the zucchini and even cooked an awesome vegan meal. Though it suck I now have to drive 30 mins to a decent grocery store, I did gain this awesome new bio story and was granted the name, the almond milk jugs girl.

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  • Name: Emily Cheree
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Age: 26
  • Date of Birth: March 24, 1993
  • Ethnicity: Black and White
  • Height: 4ft 11in
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Bust: 34 DDD
  • Bust type (natural / enhanced): Enhanced
  • Tattoos (how many and where): 15. Arms, spine, neck
  • Piercings (how many and where): None
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Black

Fun Facts

Your turn-ons: Being well put together 

Your turn-offs: Aggressive behavior 

Favorite food(s): Broccoli, edamame, sweet potato fries, vegetable curry- Indian and Thai, spaghetti with meatballs (vegan). I love food obviously lol 

Favorite music / musical artist: I love all music! I don’t think I have a favorite, there’s too many great artists to just choose one 

Favorite movie(s): Weirdly I am not a big movie person; I love going to movies but I’ve gone 10 years without a television, I have no go to movie! 

Favorite book(s): Go Ask Alice

Favorite body feature(s): My face lol 

Wildest fantasy: Waking up with 500 billion dollars and an animal farm with every breed.

Dumbest shit you’ve ever done: I take pride in being well put together but I am the worst at remembering my keys. So much that one time I was driving and started panicking thinking I forgot my keys, so I literally drove back home, searched my house for my keys then realized I had them in my purse because I was just driving which and let myself in 

Craziest place(s) you’ve ever had sex: I don’t really think I’ve had sex anywhere crazy or out of the norm! Maybe outside of a museum?? Lol 

Favorite car(s): McLaren 

Your sexiest kink(s): I like watching others

Favorite adult or fashion model(s): Emily Ratajkowski 

Who do you secretly want to make out with?: Emily Ratajkowski lol 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to so far: Maybe Alaska! It’s just so cool there 

Your guilty pleasure(s): Vegan milk shakes 

What pisses you off the most?: I don’t know. It would take a lot to piss me off lol I can’t even remember the last time I was.

What will absolutely cheer you up without fail?: All of my animals! I have mice, a dwarf hamster, 3 snakes and a dog! 

Do you consider yourself a clean freak, a messy mess, or somewhere in between the two: I’m somewhere in between. Having so many animals I have to be clean but don’t look at my closet because either I clean like crazy or I do the lazy, throw it in the closet clean. 

Your silliest fear: The dark. I still sleep with the hallway light on. 

Worst pickup line you’ve ever heard: Are you Tinslee Reagan lol 

Your life right now in 3 words: Sleep, animals and traveling 

Best relationship advice: My best relationship advice would be to always be yourself. If you can’t be yourself, you’re with the wrong person.

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