Emily Cheree – The Great Escape: The Resilient Sex Trafficked Survivor, Artist, and Actor

Emily Cheree Survives Sex Trafficking and is ready to share her experience with the world. The gorgeous, talented, busty beauty is quite accomplished as an actor, artist, and activist (of sorts), seeking to help other women who have been trafficked deal with life afterwards with the Skyscraper Project.

Emily takes us on a wild and curious ride, as she shares about her life experiences, her short stint as a porn star, her role in an award winning film, and lessons she learned from it all.

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Emily Cheree

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“My name is Emily Cheree! I was banned from Whole Foods for pulling my tit out while holding almond milk and stuffed a zucchini down my shirt. Don’t worry, I paid for the zucchini and even cooked an awesome vegan meal. Though it suck I now have to drive 30 mins to a decent grocery store, I did gain this awesome new bio story and was granted the name, the almond milk jugs girl.”



1: Emily Cheree: The Sky Scraper Project

You were gracious enough to spend a little timeto speak with us directly. What initially had you consider collaborating with us in this manner…being our cover and main feature?
I haven’t done any exclusive interviews in a few years. I felt it was time to put myself back out there for the purposes of men and women having a deeper sense of different lifestyles.

We dove into a bit of your personal life, and as you shared your story, we discovered you are out to make a difference in the lives of women who’ve been victims of sex trafficking. With that, you were lead to create The Skyscraper Project.

How did the Skyscraper Project come about and what was the catalyst that caused you to start it?
After I was sex trafficked I didn’t have any guidance. The law enforcers don’t really care about sex trafficking survivors after they’re at 18. Women are blamed for it as if it was their choice. So many people asked how could I go from being sex trafficked to stripper to adult actress…it’s pretty simple that my options weren’t of the norm. I didn’t have family to go back or any stable help. I was in a foreign state, alone. I did what I had to survive in a new world that I thought was meant for me. I started the Skyscraper Project to show women it’s a lie. You can be anyone you want after trauma. You can grow.

What’s the main goal you wish to achieve with the Skyscraper Project?
I want to build a strong community for women to help find their strength.

How has the Skyscraper Project changed your life, if it has at all?
It’s made me more vulnerable and willing to discuss things I wouldn’t have prior.


2: Emily Cheree: Sex Trafficked Survivor

You’ve come quite a way on your journey, and have done quite well. Now, in creating an organization like The Skyscraper Project, a lot of your motives comes from personal experience.

Along with the women you are helping, you too were a victim of sex trafficking. How did you get caught up in it all, and what was that experience like for you?
I moved out pretty young. I was working two jobs and rented a room from a high school friend’s parents who were struggling financially. Unfortunately the mother was a raging alcoholic and it was a bad environment. I left and moved in with my dad who lived over an hour away. It forced me to quit my two jobs [I had at the time]. I was actually job hunting when I was approached. I didn’t have a vehicle so I walked to places within walking
distance of [my dad’s] house.

The Setup

The guy who approached me looked about my age, and if I had a cigarette. I told him no and he proceeded to ask what I was doing and that he noticed me going from business to business. He told me about a company that his brother owned that was a traveling sales job. He said they sold books and magazines around the world to different businesses and that if I’d like, he could get me an interview. He gave me his brothers info and said they’d be in town for the next week or so getting more recruits

I ended up calling him and asking if I could get an interview. I wasn’t sure how to tell my dad that I would be leaving Minnesota if I were hired – he was so happy that I was finally back home and I didn’t want to hurt him. So I lied to him and told him I was staying at my friends house for a few weeks before she left for the military. The guy I met, along with maybe 3 or 4 others came to pick me up. At first it was super legit. They stayed at a nice 5 star hotel, I had an interview in the meeting room, they took all of my documents and had me fill out paperwork and they hired me. It was the weekend, so we did fun things. [Training didn’t start until] Monday.

My training was real, they gave me packets of info and had me go with another girl from business to business with a script. The girl seemed dead inside but I didn’t think much of it, after a while she would just sit wherever and just wait for us to be picked up. I felt safe. It wasn’t until we got out of state that things changed.

I first noticed my cell phone and ID were missing. Then, they stopped dropping me off at businesses and brought me to houses. The first experience was [with] a business owner so I spoke to him about our books and mags. He went along with it at first and then tried touching me. I don’t remember how I reacted at first, [and] he asked would I prefer he go along with my ‘story’. He filled out the paperwork ‘signing up’ for a magazine, and tried touching me again. I grabbed everything and ran.

I remember sitting outside till the van got back; and everyone was cheering and laughing. It was like a game to them.That’s when I realized what it really was.

Breaking Free!

How were you able to escape the sex trafficking cycle, and what was life like for you the days a months after it was no longer a part of your life?
I tried escaping in San Diego while they were recruiting new girls in a strip club. I warned the girls not to leave with the group and one slipped me her phone number and said she would help me get out as a thank you for warning them. I waited for everyone to fall asleep and snuck on the hotel phone and called her. I remember her telling me to leave my things. She said “your things are replaceable, you’re not”. I snuck out of the hotel and ran across the street and waited for her. Unfortunately, it was a trick and the place she said I could stay at was actually a pimp’s house.

She helped me get to Portland, Oregon which was far from this group, but [now I had] a new pimp. Things were drastically different though. He fed me, got me clothes and got me hired at a strip club. He said it was for me to get enough money to get back home and even go to school.

He was initially very kind to me in comparison to others. It wasn’t until he tried forcing me to have sex with him that I really realized I was back in the same situation.

There was a customer who gave me his number so I got [in] contact with him [and] told him everything that was happening. He drove from San Jose to Portland and got me out and moved me to San Jose.

I was out…[and] I was honestly a total nightmare. I didn’t even know how to behave, speak to people or anything.

[But] I ended up going back to work at a strip club because I felt most comfortable in that environment. I could be anyone I wanted, and I knew how to speak to men at clubs.

What are some tips, or even warning signs you can share with our readers to help keep them on guard from becoming a sex trafficked victim?
Sex traffickers look for vulnerable girls, typically ones out alone, who seem as if they have no one or won’t be missed. They hang up signs about job offerings, promising lots of money and traveling. It’s just so important to be mindful of your surroundings. I remember one girl getting into our van while completely wasted and had no idea what was even happening. You really have to take care of yourself and trust your instincts.


3: Emily Cheree: A Year of Porn

There was time in your life that were an adult performer, and you were very open with us about your past.

How old were you when you got into the industry, and what led you there?
I was 19. Definitely my environment led me to the industry.

What was your experience like as a porn star and how long did you play that role?
It was a super toxic experience for me. I was in the industry for no more than a year, but within that year, I was lied to, raped, abused and so on. My first scene was a total scam. When I signed my contract I only agreed to nude photos and solo masturbation at most. I booked my own gigs in San Jose so assumed it would be just as easy with an agent but agents are
just legal pimps.

After I signed I was told I could no longer book my own gigs – so I stopped, eventually leading to me living in my car. I ultimately left my contract for a different company…It only got worse. I tried ending my contract [but couldn’t]. I blocked everyone in the industry instead.

What, if anything, did you learn about yourself after quitting porn?
I learned how strong I was and what I wanted for myself.


4: Emily Cheree: Girl Lost

You had an awesome opportunity to be cast in a film that went on to get some great reviews.

Tell us about how you got the role as Bridgette in the acclaimed film Girl Lost (Nowhereland)?
I actually got approached by the director while dancing! She told me I looked exactly like the girl she had in mind for the main character – Shara. After reading the script I actually emailed her saying I wouldn’t be apart of it as it was too close to home.
Of course she had no idea but afterwards [when I told her about being a trafficked victim] she rewrote a lot of the movie and gave me the character Bridgette (I still had to audition). She even set me up with an acting coach and truly helped me with the film.

You were also an exotic dancer right?

How did your experience as a dancer influence your role?
It didn’t really influence it as Bridgette wasn’t really a dancer in the film. It’s funny because there is one scene where the girls were hired for a bachelor party and there was slight “dancing” and it was the only time I felt uncomfortable. Though I was a dancer – keep in mind I never went on stage and I only worked day shift. Lol.!

You’re quite the talent. Was this your first acting role outside of adult films?
Yes and no. I was a theatre kid my whole life so it was the first acting in film but not first time acting.

Girl Lost 2: A Hollywood Story is to be released soon and you reprise your role as Bridgette. How is part 2 different than part one. And, if you are able to share, is it linked to the first film?
Yes it is linked to the first one. Let’s just say Bridgette has begun “bettering” herself in the best way she knows and is still willing to help others better themselves too!


5: Emily Cheree: Artist and Content Creator

It seems as if you’ve gone fully independent, doing your own thing and kicking ass with it all. Let’s chat a bit about some of your
current works and ventures.

We discovered that you host art shows. What are these shows about?
Curating art shows is totally new for me. I just began recently, basically I host art shows with other people’s art and raise money for women’s shelters, sex trafficking survives etc.

We discovered you’re quite the artist yourself. When did you get into art, and what does it do for you?
I actually got into art as a form of therapy. I never thought myself as any good or never thought I would become good at it. I’m slightly disappointed in my success as an artist because it has taken away some of the freedom of creating. I never want to paint with the hopes of it turning out good. I just want it to come out as an emotion regardless of what it looks like.

Patreon is one of the main platforms you post to on a regular basis. What can subscribers expect to see on your Patreon account. My patreon is actually very cool. There’s every bit of ME on there. I write about topics that I enjoy or am exploring, along with traveling, photos and so on. It’s the best way to truly know me.

You are also active on Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans. Are there any other website or platform you post to?
Nope! That’s it. If it’s my name and picture, I promise it’s a fake account lol.

People will always draw conclusions without ever truly knowing you, so what are some positive things about you wish more people knew?
Hm. I live a pretty positive life. I remember reading a convo about me where to men went back and forth saying I am always angry about something and that made me chuckle. I’m honestly super content and don’t have a reason to be angry.

Other that has always struck my attention is questioning if I were sex trafficked and why would I showcase my body if I was once forced to. It’s important to me to feel confident in my body. I want every woman to know it’s OK to feel sexy after trauma. It’s not shameful.

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