Farrah Abraham Kicked from Teen Mom – Her Adult Career to Blame?

Did porn kill Farrah Abraham’s Teen Mom franchise career?

Farrah Abraham became pretty much a household name after her episode in the former hit reality TV series 16 and Pregnant was hugely popular, catapulting the 16 year old to stardom. Unbeknown to her, her life would never be the same.

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It’s also no secret that after her fame died some, the buzzed drama magnet found a resurgence of fame after she appeared in the Vivid produced adult film “Backdoor Teen Mom” featuring male porn star James Deen. This helped to launch her career as an adult actress and performer. She’s since appeared in a few adult films and has done several webcam shows for lucky viewers.

The reality star is however running into trouble with regards to the current show she stars in called “Teen Mom OG” apparently because of her choose to do adult videos.

According to Cosmopolitan.com “Farrah’s journey with the Teen Mom franchise ended last year after she was forced to quit.”…”he decided to pursue a career in adult entertainment, which the show’s producers were totally against. Apparently, Farrah told the producers that she would not be involved in anymore “adult videos,” but then proceeded to share webcam videos, which she felt were a completely different ballgame.”

The producers of Teen Mom OG were also reported saying that Farrah is infamously hard to work with and often butts heads with the production crew. Whatever it may be it seems as if Farrah will need to find something else to make her some money. But that shouldn’t be a problem for the former Teen Mom. She has products and videos which pays her quite well.

So a combination of choosing to do adult videos and being a diva with the production crew seems to be definitively keeping Farrah away from the Teen Mom franchise…seemingly for good.


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