Finch Linden featured in APClips Creator of the Month Interview

Finch Linden, a clips artist and model was recently featured in the APClips Creator of the Month section of the APClips Lounge / Spotlight. The beautifully tattooed top performing APClips babe was asked several questions about life, art, and her career. Her replies were very candid and to the point, giving a little more insight on the seemingly enigmatic creator.

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An artist in her own right, Finch artfully captures herself in selfies, portrait nudes, and videos with her DSLR camera. She’s also an avid biker and was featured in Tandem Bicycle Magazine. As you delve into the life of Finch, you the more intrigued one will be of her. Visiting her Twitter page and website will give you a little taste of who she really is.

Here are a few of the questions and answers from the interview.

  • How’d you get started making adult content?
    I signed up to be on GodsGirls and did that for awhile!
  • What’s your favorite content you’ve ever made?
    I love the video I did with Mickey Mod and Nenetl, we all have such great chemistry and we are absolutely adorable together.
  • What’s your trick to balancing your daily life?
    I’m a creature of habit, I love having a set schedule. it helps me tremendously to keep a good life-work balance!
  • Your videos have an amazing artistic take. Have you always had an artsy feel to your sex work?
    I think that’s developed slowly over the years as I’ve learned more about what I like to shoot.

Full interview here:

Be sure to catch Finch on all her online sites:

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