GameWithMe Lets you Play Uncensored

GameWithMe is a video gaming community that takes the tip-toeing around naughty behavior and puts your right in the middle of it all, and actually allows you to stream and play games live, however you want. YES! This means that if you want, you can play games within this community and say, wear, write, and do things you can’t normally do on other gamer community sites.

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Their website states, “We are the first video gaming community on the internet that lets gamers do their shows in the way they want…Our streamers don’t have to look over their shoulders when they’re broadcasting, unless they’re playing a horror game in the dark!”

GameWithMe allows gamers to engage in a large series of games online, such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Counterstrike, Destiny 2, Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu, Resident Evil, Halo, and so many more.

If you are a gamer and tired of having to censor yourself of sites like Twitch, you may want to take a look at GameWithMe. Reports that: The working beta of GameWithMe will be open to all members, performers, studios and eSports teams starting at 12 midnight (PST) on June 18. All performers will need to be approved, sending in identification to participate in the site.

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