Girls Like it Rough – A new Hardcore Pleasure series from Adult Time and Burning Angel Brings Hardcore

Adult Time and Burning Angel proudly present a new four-part series about authentic hardcore passion, Girls Like it Rough, with the first episode, ‘Aiden Ashley’, beginning February 11th at and
The unscripted scenes, directed by award-winning superstar Joanna Angel, showcase the uninhibited talents of beautiful empowered women in the throes of fierce sexual workouts that get down and dirty in an exquisitely consensual and mutually desired setting.


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“Ever since I started making porn, I’ve always despised the phrase ‘porn for women’! There’s a misconception that ‘for women’ must involve an excessive amount of foreplay and a long, romantic plot,” said Angel. “While there are many women out there who enjoy that, there’s an equal number who enjoy rough sex.”

In ‘Aiden Ashley’, Angel interviews the lithe blonde star and asks her, “Do you like it rough?” Ashley flashes a wide smile and says “You know I do!” before accelerating into an unrestrained encounter with co-star Kyle Mason.
“Adult Time is all about challenging conventions and doing porn differently,” said Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer. “This series is a perfect example of that, and I’m very excited to see what fans take away from watching these amazing hardcore performers enjoying themselves under the trusted direction of Joanna Angel!”
Angel added that “in addition to the stereotypes about what we, as women, are supposed to enjoy, there are many performers who get pigeon-holed as ‘innocent’ when they actually pride themselves on being hardcore. I want this series to be a space for them to express themselves… the result is a beautiful, filthy and authentic new perspective on what women want!”

Burning Angel is accessible to all members of Gamma Films studios’ sites, as well as on the Adult Time platform at, home to the most extensive catalog of award-winning content with access to over 200 channels, 60,000 scenes and 5+ new releases per day – all in one subscription.


Girls Like it Rough [Trailer]

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