Grinders – Part 4 – Lucky Fate & Maya Woulfe – Tw: @Adulttimecom

Despite his skateboard being broken in half, Lucky Fate arrives safely at the warehouse party being thrown by Paul (Nathan Bronson). Morgan (Maya Woulfe) meets him just outside, excited to spend more time with him. When they enter, they’re glad to see that their friends (Robby Echo, Charlotte Sins, Lilly Bell, Vanna Bardot) are all waiting for them. The music blares, the strobe lights gleam, and everyone’s having a gnarly good time. When the hour of midnight hits, the crowd goes wild. Lucky and Morgan stand in the middle of the dancefloor and exchange a kiss. They stare into each other’s eyes, lost in the glow of their blossoming romance. They make their way out of the warehouse and onto the roof, laying out a blanket under the stars. The sexual tension between them, building over the last 24 hours, finally comes to a head as they start making love against the backdrop of the LA skyline. The next morning, Lucky says goodbye to Morgan before she heads back to Texas. She wants him to come with her, but Lucky says he can’t. Despite everyone telling him to change his life and seize the opportunity, he’s just unable to make the leap. Morgan watches sadly as Lucky walks back to the warehouse, dejected. A little later, Officer Garcia (Liv Revamped) and her partner (Tyrone Love) come by to pick Paul up to bring him to county jail. Lucky sees him off, but before Paul leaves, he gets an idea.A few moments later, Morgan is stopped by Officer Garcia’s cop car. Turns out she’s not in trouble though, as Lucky jumps out of the patrol car and into the passenger seat. Officer Garcia wishes them well and watches as Morgan and Lucky drive off down the road to start their new adventure together. Seems like Lucky’s luck may have changed after all.

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