How to start creating content on a budget as a Cam Girl (webcam model)

If you wish to become an amateur adult content creator, now more than ever can you start with little to nothing. Don’t be fooled that you need to have the best quality of everything in order to make it or to even get started.

You can successfully start and maintain a thriving hustle with what you already have. It’s true. Here are some things you have already, or things that are easily available that you can use to start making money from all your sexiness.

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Here’s what we’ll over

  1. Choosing your platform
  2. Go with a studio or go solo
  3. Check list of things you may already have
  4. Things you may need to buy
  5. Things you will need to learn
  6. Things you will need to build your fanbase
  7. The Conclusion

1: Choosing your platform

This is super important to begin with because this will determine what you will need to start. Here are some common avenues to choose from.

  • Webcam modeling
  • Adult pictures
  • Adult video clips
  • Premium social accounts
  • Personal membership site
  • All of the above

2: Go with a studio or go solo

Going Studio

There are several adult studios out there, and it can be tough to choose which to go with. Make sure you do enough research and get feedback from previous or current models and creators of the studio.

Studios may have you scheduled to work at specific times, so your time is not as flexible if you were to go solo.

Studios will also take their share of the money leaving you with a little less in your pocket. However, studios can be advantageous if you want to minimize you risk an save on some money because you an essentially use their equipment. Beware however, and read and understand the studio’s contracts and guidelines. There are scams out there and you want to stay clear of them.

Going solo

This gives you the most flexibility, as you can work anytime any place pretty much. However, with this you will be required to manage everything, from your equipment, accounts, tax filing, liabilities…everything. It’s best to take some time to prepare and set things up before you start. Browse the net and learn the basics of running your type of hustle. The more you prepare and plan, the more organized you’ll be in the end.

3: Check list of things you may already have

You may already have most or all the things you will need to start creating content. Here’s a list of all the basics. If you fall in this category, you’re set…pretty much.

  • Camera: This can be substituted with a tablet or smartphone with an awesome camera. Of if you are fortunate enough to have a DSLR camera with video recording capabilities, such as a Canon T6i, you’re in an awesome position.
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Internet: High speed preferred
  • Webcam

4: Things you may need to buy – May get quite expensive

If you fall in this category, no fear, you can make the money back rather quickly if you push for it.

DSLR Camera with video ($399 USD and up): For better quality images (professional / near professional).

Webcam ($9.99 USD and up): You can buy one separately, but many laptops now-a-days has a built-in webcam. Check the picture quality specs to see if the cam is HD quality. HD (high definition) currently gives the best quality online for those who can stream HD.

New Computer ($599 USD and up): you will need a machine that can take medium to heavy usage depending on how aggressive and how robust you want to get with content creation

Toys, Props, and Outfits (Price greatly varies): These you may buy from time to time to add spice and variety to your content. Toys and props can be relatively inexpensive depending on brand and where you buy from. Same thing with outfits.

5: Things you will need to learn

You may need to learn at least the basics of the following. Overall it’s not so difficult once you get to know what’s available to you. You can do this easily, and many sites are already powered to do many or all of this for you. Or you can take a course in a traditional classroom setting or do an online course. The more you learn the more you’ll earn…says billionaire, Warren Buffet.

  • Social media management
  • Content / Broadcast planning
  • Content marketing
  • Content distribution

6: Things you will need to build your fanbase

  • Social media accounts: FREE
    As an adult content creator, you are restricted to where and how you can promote your content. certain social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook ban nudity and all forms of adult content. So stay clear.
    Twitter, Sharesome, Reddit and Tumbr are great places to start for nude or near nude content with little to no penalty. You can engage Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to grow your fanbase as well with great success, but just remember: no nudity or adult imagery on these sites, period!
  • Personal website: FREE and up
    You can use a site builder and do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. There are more than enough site builders out there for you to choose from. You’ll just need to take some time to go through and get it done. If you choose to pay someone, be sure you are getting what you signed off on. Many freelance designers may cut corners and over promise and under deliver…unfortunately.
  • Event Appearances: FREE and up
    This is where you can get to network, network, network, and meet your fans and make some new ones. Going to events and trade shows is one of the best ways to meet and greet other creators, develop deeper relationships, and grow your network. Invest a little time and money and go to at least one or two big events per year. If you can, collaborate with a few local adult content creators and do your own event.

7: The Conclusion

This is by no means an exhaustive outlay but it does give you a great place to start. People have started with just their cellphones and a laptop. You can too. Instead of nit-picking at everything, just start somewhere with what you have, and build from there. Fans appreciate the growth process, especially if they catch you at the beginning of your career.

If you are interested in becoming a camgirl or online amateur creator, start with us. Visit our JamCamBabes website to get started:

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