Inked Cam Girl Launches Podcast on XVideos Hosted by Rebecca Vanguard

Female-owned cam site Inked Cam Girl has launched a new podcast that spotlights some of their top models, and it’s free to watch and enjoy on XVideos.

With tons of new models joining Inked Cam Girl each week, owner Brooklyn Snow thought it would be a brilliant idea to showcase them in interviews so their fans could get to know them even better, and their new XVideos podcast series was born. Three podcasts are now available on their official XVideos page Porn star, content creator, and cam model Rebecca Vanguard is the host, and she’s not only entertaining and witty, but she also asks the best questions.

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The three interviews up right now are with Allie Wonderland, Jynx Jawbreaker, and Opal Dawn. More interviews are scheduled and will be posted to their XVideos page in the next two weeks.

“I used to produce an adult podcast, so I’m familiar with what viewers want to know about adult stars, and I had great questions for each girl. Allie, Opal, and Jynx had great personalities that really shined in their interviews, and I’m sure we’ll get a ton of views. I’m excited for the next models that I get to interview,” says Rebecca Vanguard.

The Inked Cam Girl podcast is free to watch. Just go to and click on each episode you’d like to watch. Most of the videos run about 30 minutes and are SFW. While you’re there, sign up for a free XVideos account by smashing the “Join for FREE” button.

With an 80% payout, Inked Cam Girl is continuing to incentivize models to join their site. Become a model or studio on Inked Cam Girl by visiting

For a limited time, new customers can score 50 tokens just for opening an account at

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