Instagram Censorship Move is Bad for Models

18+ Models are no stranger to having their posts taken down or flagged, as may tend to push the boundaries of Instagram’s censorship rules. But recently Instagram has taken things even further. A recent statement from the folks at Instagram states: “We have begun reducing the spread of posts that are inappropriate but do not go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.”

Instagram has long been a relatively “safe” platform for models, as long as there is no portrayal of frontal nudity. This has been ok for most models as in turn, they would post photos of them covering or censoring themselves in some way. And also, most models in the 18+ world know the rules quite well and have been playing by them for the most part.

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So, what does Instagram consider vaguely inappropriate: anything that is sexually suggestive but doesn’t depict a sex act or nudity can be demoted and even may get you banned from the site. It’s pretty much the same thing for memes. If they don’t depict hate speech or harassment, but is considered in bad taste, lewd, violent or hurtful, it could get fewer views. There goes comedy. TechCrunch states: Specifically, Instagram says, “this type of content may not appear for the broader community in Explore or hashtag pages,” which could severely hurt the ability of creators to gain new followers.

This could clearly be damaging to not just models on Instagram but to other content creators like comedians, or political and community activists. If someone comes across a post and deems it inappropriate, then IG can clearly restrict their freedom of speech and unharmful expression.

Bad for models

Swimsuit and lingerie models, camgirls, 18+ models and content creators all have to be concerned here. For some what you wear and how you depict your content can and will be offensive to some others, which we all have to come to terms with. It fucking sucks that somebody could visit your page and not like what they see because they have their own beliefs and report your post and your post gets demoted. Right now models need to take inventory of their current set of posts and sift through the set and consider posting more vanilla type posts if you want to continue using Instagram to it’s max.

I came across a post on IG where a model spoke about how the new guidelines seems to bash against her style of how she dresses on a daily basis. This is true for many women who feel comfortable in a belly top and short skirt. Or what about women who have curves that they just can’t hide…HELLOOO INSTAGRAM, will they be banned for that too?

With this, it’s clear that another area models will get his is when it comes to promoting content they have on other sites like Patreaon, Modelcentro, Manyvids, etc.

Bad for out spoken content creators

It seems as if mainstream social media is bit by bit censoring the free speech and expression of people. Facebook leading the way…and oh, that’s right…Facebook owns Instagram. It makes sense then doesn’t it. If you are an outspoken person or activist of any sort, beware. Your posts may be demoted of banned. This kind of policing can be damaging to folks really seeking to give an alternate view of a subject matter.

Instagram wants to keep it clean

There’s of course a lot of back lash about this Instagram update, but from a corporate level Instagram has shareholders and major advertisers to please. So from a business perspective, this makes sense for them to do, despite how we may feel about it. And all content creators who will be affected by this change will need to consider alternate sources to post their edgy and explicit content.

This move by Instagram also helps to fight against click bait, the practice of posting imagery that incorrectly represent the real content it’s to be linked to. For example using a picture of Beyonce to link to your video on cooking perogies. So this really helps to keep things clean and family friendly for Instagram.

If you dress like this in your Instagram posts, Instagram might deem it suggestive 🙁

Alternate options to display your 18+ content

Here at CamGirl Vixen Magazine, we’ve arranged several free great and viable options for posting your 18+ content. This is not a definitive list, but these are free and popular alternatives.

  1. Pornhub: Most use PornHub to find porn video clips. However, if you didn’t know, there’s a thriving community using Pornhub, and you can create your own profile and upload your own content, videos and images on your profile uninhibited. And you can also monetize the content.
  2. Twitter: Though Twitter has it’s own version of censorship, it is one of the few public mainstream social media platforms that allow you to post sexually suggestive and even fully nude content.
  3. Sharesome: This is by far your best bet if you want a great blend of the experience you get from Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Sharesome is a social platform designed for an adult audience. You can post images, blogs, and videos. You can also customize your page and create your own unique topic boards. A truly unique things about this platform is the ability to monetize content through it’s partnered cryptocurrency service called Flame Token.


Though many of us are annoyed by this change in Instagram’s community guidelines, there are other options. Harsh to say but Instagram in not obligated to bend to your wishes. It has it’s own agenda, and has it’s own rules. The internet is big and broad, and you can definitely find a place for your content that people can access and use from free to build your brand and pull people in to your paid content. We suggest making the shift to alternate platforms now, because we believe the guidelines will get increasingly restrictive.

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