Instagram implements age verification before viewing certain user accounts

Instagram introduces a new feature that weeds out underage eyes from viewing mature Instagram accounts.

I seems like Instagram is testing, or has released this new feature that in our opinion, is the right step forward. Upon visiting a page of a certain cam model, I was met with a message that said “You must be 18 years or older to view this profile” (something like that), and it then prompted me to select one of 2 options, “No I am under 18” , or “Yes I’m 18 or over. It seems like Instagram is testing this for several reasons, but one reason I’m putting my bet on is because there’s been legions of sex workers and nsfw creators who’ve spoken out about the partiality that it seems Instagram has toward certain influencers over others. I also assume that this is a better way for them to keep adult content away from minors.

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This is good, because instead of shadow banning your account or downright deleting it, adding an restricted message for users under 18 is a good move on their part, allowing adult creators to get risqué without consequence and a better way to manage more mature content.

I wonder if they will do this for accounts that have posts with profanity, gore, and other content that te “family friendly” crowd may find offensive? We’ll just have wait and see where Instagram fully takes this.

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